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Are you looking for cheap hotels online? Now, you can save more on hotels by booking with OneTravel! You can Book Now & Pay Later at Hotel with OneTravel. Whether you're looking for luxury hotel reservation, budget accommodation or modern airport hotels, our search technology makes it easier than ever before to find the right room at the right price. From attractive hotel deals to vacations planned weeks in advance, effortlessly search our competitive prices at four-star properties, beach resorts, and budget hotels in popular destinations around the world. If you have missed booking a hotel well in advance due to any reason, you can also check our last minute hotel deals.

How to pick the right hotel deals for you?
  • Make a list of things you need to have a good stay. Evaluate what you want in terms of hotel rates and basic amenities.
  • Check the location of the hotel and its distance from the airport. If you want to be in the proximity of the airport, you can search for airport hotels in the city.
  • Hotel's distance from major tourist attractions can also be crucial. You would not like to spend the amount you save in booking a discount hotel in transportation to the attractions.
  • Read the guest reviews. Focus more on reading comments from people who have made hotel reservations within the last year.
  • If looking for a luxury stay, ensure that hotel prices are matching the level of amenities. Amenities such as spa, jacuzzi, etc. can result in rise in rates but make the stay more relaxing.

Like to book ahead but waiting to save up?

No need to worry about your upcoming trip expenses. With OneTravel's book now pay later hotels, you and your loved ones can enjoy your next vacation without paying in advance. All you need to do is to book the hotel through us and pay directly at the hotel. In this way, you can book your accommodation well in advance without having to pay right away. So why to wait? Avail book now and pay later hotel facility with OneTravel and break your trip expenses in a smart way.

What are the advantages of Book Now Pay Later on Hotel?

With our Book Now & Pay Later initiative, you can book your desired hotel and pay when you reach your destination. This helps you to review your accommodation before checking-in. We understand your choice and how it feels when you don’t get what you’ve expected. Hence, you can now pay only when you’re satisfied with the property.

What is the cancellation policy of Book Now Pay Later on Hotel?

If you book your hotel with OneTravel using Book Now & Pay When You Stay, you can cancel the hotel anytime before your visit for FREE. This offer applies to most of the deals we offer because we understand sudden change of plans, trip cancellation or modification, or finding other better hotel deals. You can simply log into the website using your credentials and cancel your booking in time. Make sure to read the terms and conditions and cancellation policy of your accommodation before finalising the booking.

The secret to getting hotel perks AFTER you book
No matter if you’re looking for hotel rooms in far off destinations or searching for hotels near me, you can get perks that will make your stay more enjoyable after you’ve booked it. How? By becoming a member of the hotel’s loyalty program. It can earn you benefits like upgrades to better rooms assignments or faster Wi-Fi.

Most hotel loyalty programs are free and don’t take that much to sign up. You can look it on the hotel’s website and enter your information, like name and email, to join. Then, you just need to be sure to inform the staff of your membership when you check in. They may offer immediately offer you a perk or upgrade, even if you just joined the program.


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NC trip

Flew out of Westchester Airport for the first time. Great! would like direct flights to/from Wilmington in the future.

- Deborah  Jan 17, 2023

I had a marvelous trip! The cabin crew services were fantastic! Flights were on time, no delays.

- Letty  Dec 04, 2022
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