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Book Hotels in Orlando, Florida

OneTravel offers you amazing flight ticket deals, car rentals, and cheap hotels in Orlando. Whether you are a business traveler or are on a family trip to Orlando, OneTravel provides you a list of Orlando hotels ranging from luxurious five-star hotels, cheap budget hotels, to comfy business hotels. Our user-friendly booking engine helps you find the cheap yet luxuriant accommodation suiting your budget and preferences.

Browse through the extensive list of Orlando hotel deals and compare Orlando hotel rates across thousands of hotels to find cheap rates and offers. You can also get details such as the description of Orlando hotel rooms, amenities, and photos so that you can evaluate and find the one that suits you the best. You can also get in touch with our customer support anytime to get more information on hotel deals.

What are the top 5 ways to find cheap hotels in Orlando?

  • Owing to myriad discounts, booking online helps travelers secure last minute hotel deals.
  • Hotels also offer promotional deals. Do not forget to look for hotel deals to secure cheap rates for your vacation.
  • It is advised to book hotels (4-6 weeks) in advance. Since you have the most options available, you may select the one which suits your budget preferences.
  • Orlando is a popular weekend getaway; hence weekend tariffs tend to be higher compared to the weekdays. In order to save money, try booking for the first half of the week.
  • Location is the primary thing to consider when booking hotels in Orlando. The city is home to many resorts which are close to beaches and amusement parks. The ones closer to attractions are considerably more expensive.

Where should I stay in Orlando?

  • Downtown Orlando
  • Located a 20-minute drive from major amusement parks, Downtown Orlando is the ideal place to stay. The area is lined with exciting things to do and myriad stores. Be it culture enthusiasts, history buffs, food lovers, or shopaholics, there is something for everyone here.

  • South West Orlando
  • This area is marked by the globally renowned Universal Studios. It is the ideal for visitors who want to spend their days exploring the Universal Studios. Escape Game Orlando is another top attraction here.

  • South Eola
  • South Eola is the tiny neighborhood perfect for families who wish to stay in a gorgeous yet quaint area. South Eola has trendy cafes, craft brewpubs, and a vast green park.

  • Lake Cherokee
  • Nature lovers can opt to stay in the Lake Cherokee area which has numerous beautiful parks and offers a serene setting. Lake Cherokee, located south of South Eola, is ideal for couples and photographers who wish to soak in the quaint atmosphere.

  • Kissimmee
  • A small city, located to the south of Orlando, Kissimmee is perfect for budget travelers. Kissimmee has great transportation links to Downtown Orlando as well as South West Orlando. The hotel prices here are much more affordable here. The city also has a shopping complex and weekly live entertainment.

How is the culinary scene in Orlando?

Orlando’s culinary scene is as dynamic as the city itself. With a plethora of food savvy restaurants and sumptuous wine on offer, Orlando is an exciting city for travelers as well as locals. A hearty mix of renowned eateries and street carts, Orlando serves a range of diverse food. Visitors can find here everything from Indian and Thai to Polish and Korean. However, a few dishes do emerge as favorites, namely, Tonkotsu Ramen, Butter Chicken Tacos, Lamb Ribs, Mussels, Hearth Roasted Red Snapper, and Nashville Hot Chicken.

Popular Festivals and Events

Travelers can look up the city’s most popular events and festivals when thinking of booking a trip to Orlando. The city’s most famous festivals include Orlando Blues and Jazz Festival (January), Dragon Parade and Lunar Festival (February), Mardi Gras Music Festival (March), Orlando Caribbean Festival (March), OrlandoFest (every weekend from March to May), Epcot International Food & Wine Festival (September), Latin Food & Wine Festival (October), and EDC Orlando (November).

Best Time to Visit

Orlando has pleasant weather all year round, but the best time to visit Orlando is between the months of December to May. Winters in Orlando are great for those who wish to escape the freezing temperatures. Visitors are advised to book in advance to score cheap Orlando hotel reservations.

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