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Hotels in United States

If you are itching to travel to a new destination like the US, then the next best thing would be to look for the hotel deals in the US not to mention attractive discounts. Your first choice would obviously be OneTravel which offers you an extensive list of cheap hotels in the United States to choose from, ranging from medium budget accommodations to five-star resort accommodations. You can even compare prices across thousands of hotels so that you get the best possible deal.

We also offer you the USA hotel deals from one of the largest collection of resorts, hotels, and budget accommodations. So, get ready to explore a new world of luxury and economy with us.

What are the Budget-Friendly US Cities?
If you are looking to explore some of the US cities on a modest budget, then you first need to identify those budget- friendly cities where you can go on your vacation. Some of the cities that tick all the boxes in this regard are San Antonio, San Diego, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Houston, Kansas City and New Orleans among some other cities.

Where to Look for Budget-Savvy Accommodations?
If you have decided to take a tour of the US, rustle up a list of the budget-friendly cities you want to visit not to mention cheap United States hotels where you can get accommodations at reasonable prices. If you are visiting Atlanta, settle for a hotel based on what you would like to do in Atlanta. If you want to visit various museums, then stay in a hotel downtown. And If you plan to stay in a chic boutique-style hotel, then head to Midtown. In San Diego, one can get a range of budget-friendly hostels. These hostels catch the fancy of budget-savvy travelers who don’t mind sharing a bathroom and kitchen facilities with other guests. A visit to Denver has its own special charm. Here, you can travel for free around downtown with Denver’s MallRide service. Even Denver’s public transportation system is affordable and reliable. If you are in Memphis, you won’t have a problem commuting the city. You are advised to use public transportation, such as the free shuttle to Graceland. Then there is also the option of traveling by car. The shoulder seasons of spring and fall are generally considered ideal for negotiating for cheap hotels.

Make sure you book hotels (4-6 weeks) in advance to get good USA hotel rooms that suit your budget and preferences.

What is the Best Time to Visit the US Cities?
If you are negotiating for United States Hotel reservations, make sure that you choose the right season to visit the US cities, you have marked in your itinerary. Take the case of Denver. The best time to visit this city is summer. It is also during this time that one can enjoy a lot of festivals. Spring season is ideally the best time to visit San Diego. The weather is pleasant, and the crowd of vacationers generally thin out as compared to the summer. If you are planning a trip to Atlanta, then the best time to visit the city is in December, January or February. It is also during this time when hotel prices are relatively cheap.

When it comes to Philadelphia, one should visit this city from March to May, when it is in the grip of spine-chilling winter. One can also get USA hotels at moderate prices here. Fall and winter are the seasons to visit Philadelphia. For those who have Kansas City in their bucket list, the best time to visit this place is during September and October. The weather at this time of the year is sunny.

Are there any Expensive Cities in the US?
There are travelers who can’t get enough of US cities and even harbor a desire to visit some of the expensive cities. If you have planned a good travel budget in advance and know about United States hotel rates, then you can definitely visit these expensive cities. These cities are Oakland in California, Washington DC, Miami (Florida), Boston, San Francisco (California) and Honolulu (Hawaii). Oakland is known for having a large Hispanic and Asian population. Apart from its pleasant weather all through the year, Oakland is a major port city. Did you know that The Beatles gave their last full concert at Candlestick Park on August 29, 1966, at San Francisco? Then there are San Francisco’s cable cars which are the National Historical Monument that can actually move.

So, in whatever city you plan to visit, just make the most of it, and come back with fond memories which would stay with you forever.

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