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Search Airline Tickets to Moldova

Located in Eastern European, Moldova is a small landlocked nation neighboring Ukraine and Romania. A former Soviet republic, the country was a part of Romania up until World War II. Culturally similar to Romania in many aspects, the remote country ‘s traditions and quaint villages are well worth exploring. Moldova is lined with monasteries and its unspoiled countryside is a sleepy haven. The country offers an array of natural features and boasts diverse picturesque landscapes including lush forests, vineyards, and rocky hills. Top natural wonders of Moldova are Butesti Ravine, Jeloboc Spring, Raut Canyon, Saharna Falls, and Surprizelor Cave. Among Europe’s least visited countries, Moldova is a budget destination with low cost of transport and food. Major attractions in Moldova are Cricova Winery, Tipova Monastery, Cross of Orheiul Vechi, Manastirea Curchi, Cave monastery at Saharna, Capriana Monastery, Fortress of Soroca, Codru Monastery, and Republic of Transnistria and Tiraspol. The country is home to several cultural institutions and hosts popular festivals such as Victory Day, Night of Museums, National Day of Wine, Underland Wine and Music Fest, Martisor, Mai Day, Aerobis Balloon Fiesta, Folk Costume Day, Mai Dulce, and DescOPERA.
Popular Destinations in Moldovia


Capital of Moldovia, Chisinau is the commercial, industrial, transportation, and political hub of the country. Located in the heart of Moldovia, the city is lined with blocks of Soviet style architecture. The neoclassical Nativity Cathedral is emblematic of the city. The elegant structure anchors the Cathedral Park, which is home to the monumental Triumphal Arch. The Arch celebrates Russia's 19th century victory over the Ottoman Empire. The city is lined with several museums, cultural institutions, and parks, such as Stephen the Great Central Park, Valea Morilor, Museum of Archeology, Village Museum, Alexandar Pushkin Museum, National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History, Dendrarium Park, and Museum of National Arts Moldovia. Especially noteworthy is the National Museum of History of Moldova which displays archaeological artifacts, photographs, and war relics documenting the country's past.


Located 15 kilometres north of Chisinau, Cricova was founded in 1431. Formerly known as Vadul-Pietrei, the city is popular among tourists for its wine cellars. Visitors must take a tour to one of the many vineyards and cellars to relish some local wine. Cricova Winery is the major landmark here. Visitors can explore the 15 th century elaborate tunnel system via guided tours where they will find underground tasting rooms and huge cellars. Many wine-lovers flock to Cricova to savor the region’s wines, which are considered to be among the finest in Moldova.


Founded by Russians in 1792, Tiraspol is the second largest city in Moldova. The city lies on the eastern bank of River Dniester. The political status of Tiraspol can be amusing for visitors. Tiraspol is also the administrative center and capital of the unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Tiraspol has a soviet era aesthetic and is lined with several soviet monuments such Monument to Suvorov, Memorial of Glory, Monument to Aviators, and Tank Monument. History enthusiasts can head over to the Zelinksky Museum and nature lovers can explore National Botanic Garden and Pobeda Park.

Best Time to Visit Moldova
The best time to take Moldova flights is from May to June but be vary of the frequent showers. For those who wish to avoid crowds and get economical flights, August and October are the ideal months to take cheap flights to Moldova.
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