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Search Airline Tickets to Kosovo

Officially the Republic of Kosovo, Kosovo is a partially recognized state and territory in Southeastern Europe. The country is landlocked in the center of the Balkans. Kosovo is bordered by Serbia to the east and north, Albania to the southwest, Republic of Macedonia to the southeast, and Montenegro to the west. Geographically, the country boasts varied landscape and most of its borders are dominated by high terrains and mountains. Sar Mountains and the Albanian Alps are the most remarkable features of Kosovo's topography. The country's magnificent natural beauty is what draws the tourists the most.
Popular Destinations in Kosovo


Pristina is a city full of lively young people. It is a city where crumbling Soviet-style buildings exist together with modern plush luxury hotels and centers of contemporary art. Tourists can experience the coffee culture of Pristina during the day and the Rakia (a local strong spirit) culture in the evening. Both these beverages involve slow drinking accompanied by time and conversations shared with friends and other people. Tourists can also stroll in the old part of the city where a range of old-style houses and old men sitting in front of them can transfer tourists back in olden time virtually.


Prizren is a beautiful old-time town with a fortress perched on a hill over the town. The town is home to beautiful mosques and churches. Prizren is well-known for its bridal fashion boutiques and jewelry, therefore one must not miss taking a glimpse at the local artists’ creations. After walking around the city and exploring the attractions, tourists can have a seat at one of the riverside benches to enjoy the views. Tourists can also head to one of the restaurants to savor local cuisine.

Rugova Canyon

Rugova Canyon is a stunning canyon with length of around 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) and depth of around 1 kilometer (3,300 feet). It is one of the most impressive canyons in Europe. The town of Peja is an excellent starting point for a hike along the Rugova Canyon and its surrounding mountains.

Best Time to Visit Kosovo
Weather-wise, the best time to take Kosovo flights is from July to mid-October. It is also the busiest period in the country in terms of tourism. It is advisable to book tickets in advance to get cheap flights to Kosovo as airfares tend to rise during peak season.
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