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Situated on the Horn of Africa, Djibouti is a mostly Arabic and French-speaking country. The East African country boasts diverse picturesque landscapes including volcanic formations, Gulf of Aden beaches, and dry shrublands. Djibouti is home to one of the saltiest water bodies in the world, Lake Assal. Located in the Danakil Desert, the lake features chimneylike mineral formations. Settlements of the nomadic Afar people can also be found along Lake Abbe. Djibouti is home to several other natural landmarks such as Mousa Ali Volcano, Grand Bara desert, Ghoubbet-el-Kharab, Day Forest in the Goda Mountains, and limestone chimneys of Lake Abbe. Djibouti is a small nation which has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Major historic landmarks in Djibouti are Abourma petroglyphs, Asa Koma, Balho petroglyphs, Barogali elephant hunt site, and Handoga. Visitors can explore the charming towns of Arta and Obock.
Popular Destinations in Djibouti

Djibouti City

A major port city, Djibouti City is the capital of Djibouti. Founded by the French in 1888, the city is the former capital of French Somaliland. Dijbouti is a commercial center and the second largest economy in the Horn of Africa. A gateway to the Red Sea, Djibouti is known as Pearl of the Gulf of Tadjoura. The city is renowned for its 19th century colonial architecture. While here, architecture enthusiasts can take a leisurely stroll in the European Quarter and gaze at the whitewashed French colonial buildings and the narrow Moorish arcades lined with stores and cafes. Also, check out the Presidential Palace and the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Good Shepherd in the African Quarter. Shopaholics can pick up an array of items such as leather products and traditional fabrics from the Bender Road. Nature lovers can head westward to explore the volcanic landscape of Danakil Desert.

Ali Sabieh

The second largest city in Dijbouti, Ali Sabieh is the capital of Ali Sabieh region. The city is located roughly 10 kms north of Ethiopia and 93 kms southwest of Dijbouti City. Situated on a wide basin, Ali Sabieh is surrounded by granitic mountains. The city’s strategic location has contributed to its economic growth. Ali Sabieh major landmark is the Ali Sabieh Mountain, which is the highest point in the Ali Sabieh region. To the east of Ali Sabieh lies a grassland savannah, which attracts multiple types of wildlife to the area. Visitors will find here dorcas gazelle, black-backed jackal, Felis, caracal, hamadryas baboon, and various bird species.


Capital of the Tadjourah Region, Tadjoura is the oldest town in Djibouti. Historically, Tajdoura has been a major port for several centuries. Tadjoura was formerly ruled by the Ifat Sultanate, Adal Sultanate, the Ottoman Empire, and the French. The historic city is famous for its numerous mosques and whitewashed houses. The city lies close to the Day Forest National Park, which encompasses juniper forests and is home to many bird species, including the rare Djibouti francolin.

Best Time to Visit Djibouti
Djibouti experiences year-round tropical and sunny weather. The best time to take Djibouti flights is from November to January during winter season when the weather is cool. For those who wish to avoid crowds and get economical flights, February to April is the ideal time to take cheap flights to Djibouti.
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