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Corsair Useful Information

Airline Hub: Orly Airport, Paris
Call Sign: CORSAIR
Headquarter: Rungis, Frances
Popular Route:Abidjan - Paris
Popular Destinations:Abidjan, Marseille

Corsair Flights

Founded on 17 May 1981, Corsair International is a French airline based at Paris-Orly Airport. The airline is a subsidiary of German TUI Group, part of TUI Airlines. Corsair is headquartered at Rungis in France. With a fleet of 7 aircraft, including 3 Boeing B747-400, 2 reconfigured Airbus A330-200, and 2 Airbus A330-300, the airline operates scheduled long-haul services to leisure destinations in the French overseas territories, and North America as well as charter flights to further destinations.

Corsair is launching a new route from Miami - Paris Orly from June 10th, 2019.

Corsair offers following classes of services
Economy Class
  • For the rest and relaxation of travelers, Economy Class seats feature pillow and blankets, provided on all flights.
  • Economy seats feature a kit offering a mask, earplugs, headphones, and an adapter.
  • There’s a mood lighting on two A330-300s to broadcast light scenes simulating darkness or sunrise depending on the different phases of the flight.
  • To keep guests entertained and occupied, there are 20 centimetres individual touch screens available featuring 28 French and international films, 16 games, as well as documentaries and many other services. There are also music channels, partner radios, and albums.
  • On touch screen, passengers also have access to numerous articles from the national daily press - Le Figaro, Liberation, L'Equipe - and to several news broadcasts updated daily.
  • Travelers in Economy Class can choose their meal at time of reservation. A non-alcoholic aperitif or beer is served before the meal. A bottle of 25cl of white wine, rose or red is also offered to passengers. Other spirits cost 3 €. Travelers can order a special meal from 15 €. On some destinations, local culinary specialties are offered. At the end of the meal, a coffee or tea is served. Hot and cold drinks and snacks are available throughout the flight. On night flights, a breakfast is served before arrival.
  • Economy Class passengers can also enjoy a new range of theme meals to make the travel experience even more enjoyable. These meal options include - Italian menu, Menu marine, Terroir menu, Gourmet menu, and Prestige menu.
Premium Class
  • Premium Class features wide, ergonomic, and comfortable seats, featuring a footrest. The seats can tilt at 126, ° and feature a pitch of 117 cm.
  • The seats feature a removable and fold-up headrest. There’s also USP port and power outlet available at each seat.
  • Blankets and pillows are offered to passengers for a comfortable journey.
  • Travelers are also given comfort kits, consisting of - earplugs, mask, socks, comb / brush, lip balm, spray, toothbrush, and toothpaste
  • The aircraft A330-300s are equipped with mood lighting, an innovative lighting system that can be used to broadcast light scenes simulating darkness or sunrise depending on the different phases of the flight.
  • Guests can choose meal at the time of reservation. Corsair offers champagne at the discretion of passengers. Travelers get a choice of dishes accompanied by a selection of quality wines. Aperitif is also offered to guests as well as a digestive. Guests are also served Illy brand coffee and teas and infusions. Bar area is available for the duration of flight. Passengers also have a choice to order a special meal.
  • To keep passengers entertained throughout the flight, Premium Class offers 25 centimetres individual screens available at every seat featuring 28 French and international films, 16 games, as well as documentaries and many other services. Various music channels, partner radios, and albums are also available. Noise-cancelling headphones are included with the display, providing flawless sound quality.
  • Also, on the touch of a screen, passengers get access to many national daily newspaper articles - Le Figaro, Liberation, L'Equipe - and several daily news broadcasts.
Business Class
  • Business Class seats are located at the front of Airbus and upper deck of Boeing. There are 12 large seats, made with notable materials - wood and leather.
  • The seats are spaced 152 cm apart to ensure comfort. The seats have duvets and pillows, spaces designed to store belongings and free up space for work or play with the IPAD Pro tablet and the Sennheiser noise reduction headset available.
  • Business Class passengers are treated with exceptional dining experience. This class features quality wine cellar, bar and snacks area available for the duration of the flight. Passengers get to enjoy delicacies in porcelain dishes. They are also offered Illy" espresso coffees, teas, and infusions.
  • The travelers are also offered comfort kits featuring kit featuring comfort items and cosmetics from the Pure Altitude brand. It is a natural brand, made in France.
  • For entertainment, this class features the latest iPad pro, offering a screen of 13 inches. Using IPad, passengers can enjoy a wide choice of content entertainment, movies, series, and press.
Web Check-In
Beat the queues at the airport and avail the facility of web check-in. Web check-in opens 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. You can check-in online and print your boarding pass. Or check-in through your mobile and get your boarding pass directly on your mobile.
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