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Here’s How You Can Plan an Affordable Destination Wedding

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Written by Chris Osburn

This blog post was updated on July 27, 2021.

When it comes down to tying the knot, cost is almost always a major factor. When you factor in venues, photography, outfits, and invitations, weddings can make a significant dent in your wallet. Throw in the fantasy of having a destination wedding, and couples may have to face a bloated wedding budget. But does saying “I do” in a beautiful locale have to be out of reach? Check out these tips on how to go about planning an affordable destination wedding.

Consider Where & When Your Wedding Will Be

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If you’re willing to have your wedding off-season or during the week you can save big on booking costs. Be smart about this though and consider why there might be a price differential. Will children be in school? Are you going to be booking cheap flights in August? Will you be at risk of a hurricane upstaging your ceremony? Will your chauffeured white limo get stuck in commuter traffic? Taking note of these important details will help you prioritize where to spend more money on and where to hold back a bit.

Make a Small Guest List

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Lower your costs and raise the actual interaction time with your guests by only inviting friends and family who mean the most to you. Keeping your guest list short might make it possible to host your wedding at your dream destination and spend your money on enjoying a more personalized experience for you, your partner, and your loved ones. Who wouldn’t want that?

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Get a Group Discount

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If you’re planning a big wedding, see if you can score some group discounts or special rates on venues, accommodations, and other service providers. Will most people involved be traveling at the same time to and from your destination? Will everyone be staying at the same hotel or resort? Does it make sense for everyone to travel together in a coach between venues or locations? It certainly doesn’t hurt to inquire about discounts and other incentives when making your plans.

Do the Honeymoon There Too!

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Consider having your wedding at the same place you intend to have your honeymoon. You’ll save on a range of expenses while cutting down on stress and travel time. Plus, who wouldn’t want to tour and spend more time in the gorgeous location where you’ll be saying ‘I do’? Whether you’re in Hawaii or the Bahamas, or somewhere in between, you can’t go wrong with spending more time in the country where you’ll be getting married.

Consider These Destinations

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Savannah and Charleston are two of the South’s most historic, beautiful, and best-preserved colonial cities. Both are near the beach, have great dining scenes, and are incredibly budget-friendly destinations for just about any occasion. That, of course, includes weddings. Ski resorts in mountain states like Colorado, New Mexico, and Vermont may be especially keen to open their doors for you during warmer months for a memorably scenic ceremony. A summer wedding on or near the slopes might be a low-cost way to start your marriage on a high.

Consider going where the currency rate works best in your favor. You may find you can host a more lavish wedding on the other side of the globe than you would be able to do in your own hometown. Your nuptial dollars will go further in certain corners of paradise, such as Thailand, the Philippines, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic.

Are you planning a destination wedding? We would love it if you shared some cost-saving tips and destination ideas with us in the comments section below.

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