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The Ultimate List of All the Best Filet Mignon Spots in America

HandmadePictures / Shutterstock
HandmadePictures / Shutterstock
Written by Chris Osburn

This blog post was updated on December 18, 2019.

Looking for an excuse to indulge and to savor the most tender cut of beef? We’ll give you eleven of them! Here’s a rundown of some of America’s best steakhouses known for their filet mignon!

Barclay Prime, Philadelphia

Sure, Philadelphia may be best known for its ribeye cheesesteaks, and with good reason. But if you find yourself in this historic town and are craving something more upscale — but just as juicy and beefy! — Barclay Prime is the place to go. You just can’t go wrong heading to one of the most elegant and highly rated restaurants in town!

Cut, Beverly Hills

WPuck steakhouse

Lauded by many to be the best steakhouse in the country, Chef Wolfgang Puck’s popular steakhouse at the fabulous Beverly Wiltshire hotel offers an LA dining experience as glamorous as it is delectable!

Cattlemen’s Steakhouse, Oklahoma City

Slow-aged USDA Prime steaks are the star of the show at this 100-year-old restaurant located “smack in the middle of Oklahoma City’s Stockyard City.” Have your Cattlemen’s filet mignon wrapped in bacon and broiled to your taste, and try their legendary breakfast if you can!

Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse, Chicago

Gibsons Bar

One of the many amazing Chicago steakhouses, Gibsons original downtown location is among the city’s most beloved restaurants. Proudly serving USDA Prime Angus beef, Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse offers a choice of bone-in or boneless filet mignon alongside the rest of its top-quality menu of cuts and classic steakhouse sides.

Jess & Jim’s Steakhouse, Kansas City

Unassuming and to the point, come to this nearly 80-year-old, family-owned-and-operated restaurant for some of Kansas City’s best steaks (and if you know anything about Kansas City’s obsession with meat, you’ll know that’s not a claim to make lightly!). Jess & Jim’s “most tender of all the tender steaks” is served wrapped in bacon and “available in several sizes to match any size hunger.”

Keens Steakhouse, New York

Keen's Steakhouse, Manhattan

Image via Flickr – CC BY 2.0Edsel Little

This historic Manhattan steakhouse has been open since 1885. To mention but a few of the famous patrons who have dined here is to recite a who’s who of great Americans. Plus, the place serves some of the best steaks in New York. The Prime filet mignon comes in two sizes, 8 or 12 ounces, with au poivre, Béarnaise, mushroom, or red wine sauce. Need more reasons to visit? Keens is home to the largest collection of churchwarden pipes in the world and is world-renowned for its mutton chop.

Killen’s Steakhouse, Pearland, Texas

Killens Steakhouse

Howdy and welcome to cattle country – Pearland, Texas, to be exact, where a humble and inauspicious exterior belies the upscale splendor on the inside of Killen’s Steakhouse, a destination dining restaurant if ever there was one. Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef Ronnie Killen prepares a range of cuts from different sources, including at least four filet mignons to choose from: USDA Prime, Nebraska Corn Fed, Wet Aged 28 Days; Harris Ranch All-Natural Five Diamond Beef, Coalinga, California; Strube Ranch Mishima Wagyu Beef; and True 100% Japanese Wagyu From The Kagoshima Prefecture.

Murray’s, Minneapolis

“Meat downtown since 1946” is the motto at Murray’s, one of Minneapolis’ best steakhouses. The restaurant’s “most tender steak” is the 10-ounce center cut tenderloin “filet of beef” (i.e. filet mignon). Be sure to enjoy a cocktail (or two) with your meal at this lush eatery adored by locals and visitors alike.

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse, Dallas

Pappas Bros

A popular 40-year-old restaurant, Pappas Bros does the Dallas dining scene justice with its big steaks, broadly appealing menu and warm reception. In the mood for filet mignon? Choose between the 8-, 10- or 12-ounce. OR dare to dine on the whopping 14-ounce bone-in option. Whatever you choose you’ll be certain to love it at this steakhouse which ranks high on almost every list of best places for steak in America.

Bern’s Steak House, Tampa

It’s a no-brainer, really. If you intend to book some flights to Tampa you won’t find a better meat restaurant than Bern’s, a 1956 Tampa institution celebrated for its dry-aged steaks, huge wine selection, and old school charm. Choose your filet mignon (or any cut for that matter) by how thick you want it!

St Elmo Steak House, Indianapolis

Dry-aged Kansas City Steak

Image via Flickr – CC BY 2.0Edsel Little

Ask anyone in Indianapolis what the city’s one must-try restaurant is. They’ll most likely say the 114-year-old St Elmo Steak House, for its grand oak-paneled interior, superbly mixed drinks, “World Famous Shrimp Cocktail,” and excellent steaks including a 14-ounce bone-in filet mignon.

Is filet mignon your favorite cut of beef? Where’s the best steakhouse you’ve ever visited? Let us know in our comments section below!

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