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Unique Lodging: The Top Tree Houses in Olympos, Turkey

This blog post was updated on October 31, 2018.

Tree house lodging isn’t new …  it’s been around for decades, if not longer. These unique and earth-friendly accommodations can be found all over the world, from North America to South America to Europe and beyond.


What makes them so popular? For starters, it is something different from the normal four-walled rooms people stay in. And, its novel. How many people can say they went to some locale and ended up sleeping in a tree house?


Turkey, which is home to plenty of off-beat lodging (cave hotels in Cappadocia, for one), has become one of the hot spots on the globe for this sort of fun take on the hotel.


In Olympos, a small Mediterranean town, tree houses are the norm. The coastal town in the Antalya region has gained notoriety for its wooden huts and these little campuses have become nearly as much of an attraction as the ancient ruins, the eternal flame of Chimera and the green blue Mediterranean Sea and the water sports it features.


Where to stay? There are quite a few options, even for the smallest of budgets.


Kadir’s – This is the original treetop village in Olympos. Its whimsically hand-painted tree houses are spread across a large village that offers pretty much anything people need. An award-winning facility, the hippie vibe seeps through everything, from its communal dining (with free tasty breakfast and dinner served daily), to the roosters and game keeping cool in the shade; from the pavilions with carpets to sit on, to the fire pit; from the tree house bar, to the outdoor nightclub. Kadir’s offers a variety of accommodations – dorms and private rooms, some with air-conditioning, some without. They also can book activities on-site, so the planning can be done without much effort. While these tree houses aren’t necessarily hanging in the trees, there is the one tree house that stands tall in the center of the village – a dorm that gives a nice view of the entire area.


Bayram’s Tree House – Tucked into an orange grove, Bayram’s offers a more up-scale experience without losing the cool hippie-esque vibe. There are plenty of areas outdoors to chill, even hammocks to catch a quick nap. Choose tree houses that are single, twin, double, triple or dorm (sorry, there’s no air-conditioning in the tree houses here). Air-conditioned, private bungalows are another option. Like Kadir’s, Bayram’s serves up delicious home-cooked meals for breakfast and dinner. This property gets bonus points – it’s a quick 500m walk to the Mediterranean. Also like Kadir’s, the staff at Bayram’s can help plan all activities from rock-climbing to sea kayaking and everything in between.


Saban Pension – Built in 1990, Saban Pension is another popular tree house location in Olympos. It has both tree houses (which includes dorms with air-conditioning) and private bungalows shadowed by the pine-tree laden grounds. Calmer than Kadir’s, it allows guests to get some alone time in between everything there is to do in Olympos. Each day, it creates Turkish buffets using local produce that brings guests together for both breakfast and dinner. In addition, Saban can arrange similar trips that Bayram’s and Kadir’s.


Turkmen Tree Houses – This site is the largest in the area, featuring 420 beds. It also is packed with amenities including a game room, movie room, satellite TV and horseback riding. Stop in to the on-site restaurant for authentic home-cooked Turkish food, or grab a cold Efes at the bar and listen to live music. Accommodations include tree houses, ultra luxury bungalows, deluxe bungalows and regular bungalows. Some rooms have air-conditioning and television. There is also a tour desk on-site to book adventures in the area.


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