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Tips for Beating the Heat While Traveling

This blog post was updated on October 29, 2018.

There’s nothing quite like the perfect holiday weather to take a vacation or weekend away to the next level of bliss.


Lounging on the beach, renting a car with a top that goes down or sightseeing in the big city all are things done better on a warm sunny day, but… heat wave? I’m sure this is a term you’ve been hearing too much of lately!


I am the first to admit that too much heat can be a total downer on a trip of any kind.  I’m talking about the kind of heat that causes sunburns in less than half an hour and people to pass out from dehydration.  It’s not pretty, and more importantly, it’s not something we can control.


Here are some ways you can beat the heat when traveling:



Dress Properly: Loose, breathable cotton works best when you are sweating up a storm, but those specialty technical articles of clothing are great for blocking out the sun’s harsh rays.  It depends on the type of activity you will be partaking in that day as to what you might wear, but comfort and loose are two key words.


Drink Water: When the weather is hot, you’re losing water left and right, even if you don’t realize it.  When you’re in a humid climate, you may notice that you’re sweatier than normal, but a hot and dry climate may cause the perspiration to evaporate almost immediately.  Drink water whenever possible on a hot day or else you might find yourself recovering in bed, or even in the hospital.


Take Siestas: You don’t have to fly to Spain to enjoy the power of a siesta. Adjust your travel activities and routine so that you avoid the hottest time of the day.  If you are staying out later and getting up earlier to fit in your sightseeing activities, then make sure you add in the siesta in the middle of the day to make up for it.  It’s not only fun, but it helps you to be in a state of low movement during the peak hours of heat.


Indoor Activities: Stick to indoor activities whenever possible, such as checking out museums or shopping.  These activities tend to provide temperature controlled environments that help you completely forget the unforgiving weather happening outside.  Plus, it gives you the perfect excuse to make sure you learn a thing or two at a museum or art gallery.


AC Bus Tours: If sightseeing on foot just cannot be done because of hot weather, why not pop on one of those sightseeing bus tours that offer an air conditioned level?  I’m one of those people that would much rather see something on my own two feet, but when the option is take the air conditioned bus or hide in the hotel, we both know which option wins.


Get on a Boat: Being on the water always seems to have a cooling effect.  Perhaps it’s the gentle water-born breeze that is actually cooler, or maybe it is just a mental trick. Either way, a hot day is always the perfect excuse to get on a boat.


Head to the Hills: Hills, forests and mountains are all cooler than a concrete city, so grab a bunch of water and snacks and head out for an easy hike on higher ground.


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