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When to Splurge on a Hotel Room

This blog post was updated on November 2, 2018.

Perfect balcony views.  Sink-into-your-sheets comfy bed.  Plush bathrobes and jacuzzi tubs. Why would you ever need to leave a luxurious hotel room?


Whenever I get the splendid opportunity to indulge in a top of the line hotel, I never want to leave the room… and I don’t.  I don’t because I know the proper way to splurge on a hotel room.


My simple rule is that I never splurge on a hotel if I know I’m going to be spending a majority of the time out sight-seeing or taking part in day trip activities.  If I’m doing that, then I am basically missing out on time that could be better spent relaxing in luxury.


Think about it.  If you are only in the hotel for the 8 hours or so that you are going to be sleeping, then the facilities that you are paying for in a nice hotel are not going to be utilized.  Instead, for a $300 a night hotel, you are simply paying $38 per hour to sleep.  But, if you were to spend a good 18 hours in the hotel, indulging in a wonderful sleep and all of the amenities, your hourly cost would just be under $17. That seems like a much more worthwhile way to splurge on a hotel, don’t you think?

This value is only increased if your able to score cheap flights to your destination.


And in the dead of winter, would you really rather leave your luxurious hotel room for the cold and snowy streets of Chicago? Didn’t think so.


So, next time when you are planning your upcoming holidays and trying to pick a place to stay, think about your itinerary first.  For the days you are planning to be out of the hotel or resort, stay in a cheaper location.  Then, when you have the time to spare to really enjoy the luxury, book a night or two in an upscale room.


That is my personal rule on how to splurge on a hotel room.  What do you think?


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