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Stockholm For Everyone: Four Attractions For All Sorts in Scandinavia’s Capital City

This blog post was updated on October 25, 2018.

Sweden’s capital is the sort that never lets you take your
eyes off of her. I hopped aboard my airBerlin flight from Berlin to Stockholm
to find a city sparkling in blondes, grand public buildings, palaces and a rich
history across more than a dozen islands. By the time summer has arrived, locals
take their lives outdoors. It is all about soaking up every minute of sunshine,
even if there is a chilling wind whipping through the air.

And while one might feel a bit self conscious if their hair
color doesn’t match the sun here, Stockholm offers a little bit of adventure,
history, romance and nature to everyone. Clearly, Stockholm is a blonde and
knows just how to have some well rounded fun.

For Adventure, Hike
Stockholm’s Rooftops:
As you arrive to Stockholm’s old parliament building,
you can spot people on the roof, seemingly just walking along with no sort of
railing or guard. The thought of hiking on a rooftop without a railing may
frighten you.  However, the Stockholm
Rooftop hike put on by UpplevMer makes for one of the city’s most unusual
walking tours. Equipped with a harness and helmet, travelers make their way
across catwalks on Stockholm’s former parliamentary roof. The guide pauses at
certain points to tell you a little bit of background on the scene you are
observing from above. Concentrating on those words can be a bit more difficult
when worried about falling to your certain demise.

For History, Visit
Vasa Museet:
The Vasa Museet in Stockholm is a right of passage for many
Swedes. They either are forced to come to the museum as a child on a school
trip or they make their way here by the time they have children of their own.
Regardless, out of town tourists are joining them. You can’t blame the masses
for their excitement of a tour examining a warship from the 17th
century. Found and salvaged from the sea in 1961, the Vasa ship sank on its
maiden voyage in Stockholm in 1628, after just 15 minutes of sailing. Aside
from being floored due to the Vasa’s size, the intricate carvings are
impressive to consider, especially with the ship’s original date in mind.

For Romance, Quiet
dinners in Stortoget in Gamla Stan:
The old town of Stockholm serves as the
original city center of the capital. Its cobbled streets and ketchup and
mustard colored buildings make for a scene of romance, despite all the souvenir
shops selling anything and everything with the Swedish flag on it. The main
square, Stortoget, may have a bloody history like most medieval town centers,
but the cozy cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating suggest another tone.
Blankets are provided on cool Swedish summer nights to ensure maximum people
watching potential out on the square.

For Nature, Boating
to Stockholm’s Many Islands:
The city itself spreads across 14 islands in
Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea. Boat tours are offered around the city and a for
a little taste of the archipelago. Stockholm surrounds in an archipelago of about
30,000 islands, islet rocks and skerries. Many islands like Grinda offer a nice
escape from the world back home and allow you to see Sweden’s natural beauty
from a different perspective.

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