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Las Vegas File: Celebrity Hair Stylist Michael Boychuck

This blog post was updated on August 28, 2018.

Las Vegas is home to some of the most unique personalities in America. Last week OneTravel interviewed Las Vegas entertainer Gordie Brown. Today we chat with celebrity stylist Michael Boychuck.


Born in Corning, NY, Michael Boychuck did not arrive to Las Vegas until 1998, and that was after a 10-year stint in Los Angeles. However, it took him nearly no time at all to work up the ranks in Las Vegas, earning such accolades as inclusion in Rick Morton’s book “Top 50 Hairstylists” and recognition as running “The Top Las Vegas Salon” by the Las Vegas Nightlife Network.


Boychuck relocated to Las Vegas to open a branch of Laurent D’s Beverly Hills Salon, Prive, at Bellagio, later becoming director at the Venetian’s salon at Canyon Ranch.


In 2001, the long-locked stylist partnered with Palms’ owner George Maloof to open AMP. The salon quickly gained a reputation for catering to the city’s style icons and visitors. In 2007, Boychuck opened COLOR, his biggest salon. PRIMP opened a year later.


In his 10 years in Vegas, Boychuck has opened three signature salons – AMP Salon (Palms), PRIMP Salon (Palms Place) and COLOR Salon (Caesars Palace).


The hair stylist has done hair for a long list of A-List clientele including singer/fashionista Gwen Stefani, “American Idol” judge/singer/actress Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria. He’s also been Paris and Nicky Hilton’s go-to guy (and friend) for years.


Want to feel like a Sin City celeb? Take advantage of cheap flights to Las Vegas and book an appointment at any of his three salons (he always tries to accommodate clients) … there just may be a chance to rub elbows with some of his celebrity clientele, including Las Vegas stars like Holly Madison.


You moved to Vegas to open Prive in Bellagio. What were you initial thoughts about moving to Las Vegas? How have they changed since you have lived here?


Michael Boychuck: I wasn’t sure about it. I had come out here before and thought it was really hot, and that there was not as much to do as in LA. My parents were saying Bellagio would change everything, that is was the most fabulous casino ever built, and I got really excited. I absolutely love it now … I love it. I couldn’t love it anymore. I met my wife here. I live off the Strip about 15-20 minutes. It is one of the greatest places to live.


You do a lot of celebrity hair. Is there one celebrity in Vegas whose hair you would love to do?


Boychuck: Actually, I like to do everyone’s hair. There is no one in particular I am dying to do. We have people from different shows who come in to all of the salons. I would welcome everybody.


When you’re not working at your salons, what do you like to do in town?


Boychuck: We have five dogs, and I know this sounds boring, but I love to hang out with my wife and our dogs. I’m really kind of a private person.


Where is your favorite place on the strip to take visitors? Where is your Off-Strip favorite place?


Boychuck:  If we go for someplace to eat, we probably go to Guy Savoy [inside Caesars Palace]. I think Guy Savoy is a really great restaurant if you want something a little more time-consuming. Otherwise, Sushi Samba [inside Palazzo].

Off-Strip, we usually go to eat at Lindo Michocan.  My mom lives five minutes from the one on Horizon Ridge. From our house, the closest place we really like is Panevino.


Where is a great place to go for wine/beer/cocktails?


Boychuck:  It depends on what you are in to. If you want to go to a place for dinner, go to N9ne Steakhouse at Palms. I love N9ne. My wife, her favorite is Sushi Samba so we go there a lot.


What’ the best place for people-watching?


Boychuck: N9ne. They have a little bit of everyone at the restaurant — pro sports athletes, actresses, models. N9ne is really the place.


What’s one hair tip for surviving the desert?


Boychuck: Leave-in conditioner. I say it over and over.  Get a great one and it protects against sun, water and minerals. And, get a good shampoo.  Kerastase is my favorite. Shampoo properly and then get a great leave-in conditioner.


What is one hair “don’t” you see on people in Vegas?


Boychuck: For guys, stop wearing so many baseball caps. Girls, make sure you comb out your hair. Just brush it. Even if it is just a little bit. Sometimes [girls] go out for parties and they use so much hairspray, it looks like the hair is just mashed together. Take the extra five minutes and brush out the hair nice. It can break and make it brittle with so much hair spray. If hair is matted, get a leave-in spray and it comes out a lot easier.


Do you have plans for any more salons in the future?


Boychuck: Not right now. I’m really focused on the three I have. I work six days a week. With the economy like it is, I focus on taking care of locals and doing a great job in Vegas. I’m not looking for any other cities — Vegas is the place.


I love Las Vegas because …


Boychuck: It has got the greatest people anywhere. This is such a great collection of people from everywhere. When we all get together, it is the most fantastic grouping in the world.


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