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Touring Massachusetts’ South Shore

Written by Suzy Guese

This blog post was updated on August 24, 2018.

Boston is a city that can overwhelm the weary traveler after a few days. Especially when the college students start moving in for the school year, you may want to seek som peace and quiet beyond the city.

Heading south of Boston, you are probably planning to get to “The Cape”, or Cape Cod.

However in between Boston and the famous Cape, Massachusetts’ South Shore can sometimes be unfairly ignored.

If you need a respite from the city noise of Boston and a new oceanside destination, consider touring these spots on Massachusetts’ South Shore for a touch of tranquility, celebrity, oysters and history.

Create Your Own Star Tour in Cohasset—Cohasset is the movie star of Massachusetts’ South Shore. The setting for the film The Witches of Eastwick and the spot where Captain John Smith sunk his boots in to the ground in 1614, Cohasset translates into “long, rocky place”. The attraction in Cohasset comes through the car window, admiring all of the enormous and funky homes along Atlantic and Jerusalem Avenues. Many celebrities are rumored to house hunt here. The Cohasset Harbor also bears similarities to spots in the Mediterranean, especially when the sun begins to set on one of the town’s lagoons.

Situate Yourself in Scituate—Just 25 miles south of Boston, Scituate packs in the history and seagulls. The South Shore New England town is still used as a working fishing port. The star of its sea is easily the Scituate Lighthouse. Capital Simeon Bates’ daughters, the light housekeeper during the War of 1812, mustered up the noise of an army with a fife and a drum to keep the British navy from attacking. The heroes would be known as “the army of two”. The classic black and white lighthouse is just what any traveler needs on a break from the big city.

Walk the North River Wildlife Sanctuary in Marshfield—In the town of Marshfield, with careful eyes, you should be able to spot the North River Wildlife Sanctuary. Walkers delight in this stretch of Massachusetts’ South Shore. The land for the wildlife sanctuary is credited to the donation of a Civil War era descendant. It would become a paradise not just for walkers, but also birds. Along with over 150 bird species, you can trek through wooden planked pathways and lush wetlands.

Duck out in Duxbury—Once you get to Duxbury on this South Shore tour, you will ironically want to duck out here for a few days. A town seemingly so picture-perfect with manicured lawns and banners of red, white and blue on storefronts, Duxbury sits just 35 miles south of Boston. The town was founded in 1637 and has quickly become famous for its oysters. Park yourself one of Duxbury’s almost too sweet bakeries or ice-cream parlors and you will have to wonder, “Is this for real?” The main draw here for Boston day-trippers, aside from the oysters, is to enjoy the silky sand of Duxbury Beach.

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