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How To Not Look Like a Tourist in L.A.

This blog post was updated on August 11, 2021.


It is one of the most popular cities in the United States to visit
and for good reason. Los Angeles is not only the entertainment capital
of the world, but it also offers visitors over 300 museums to explore.
Add on the city’s rich culinary scene and 75 miles and coastline and it
is no wonder that many flock to Los Angeles for a vacation. While you
might be headed to LA, you can make a number of mistakes as a tourist.
To avoid being labeled one of those tourists, here are a few ways to
blend in with the locals.
Know That It’s Not Always Sunny:
Many tourists arrive to Los Angeles in flip-flops and shorts, expecting
the weather to be hot and sunny. While the summers can be warm,
temperatures can vary greatly depending on if you are on the coast or
inland. Los Angeles also tends to cool off by the afternoon on the
coast. In addition, the marine layer can roll in and make LA downright
chilly. While you might be under the impression that it’s always sunny
in Los Angeles, be sure to do a quick check of the weather for the exact
part of Los Angeles you will be visiting before you start packing you


Don’t Stand in Long Lines For Over-Hyped Restaurants and Attractions:
Being a major city, Los Angeles is home to a wealth of restaurants and
attractions that have been featured in television shows, articles and
popular media as where you need to go. Before you join a four-hour line
for a hot dog, know that most locals don’t stand in long lines for these
attractions and restaurants, many of which have been over-hyped. If you
see a line in Los Angeles, it usually equals an extremely touristy
experience. If you want to blend in, go where there are no lines and
Avoid Dressing Over-The-Top: As a whole,
Los Angeles is a casual city. You won’t see overly formal dress when you
travel around town. For many, a nice pair of jeans and a smart blouse
or shirt will work well in Los Angeles. Going more formal can leave you
standing out and thus not blending into to Los Angeles. Even donning
athletic gear that that is slim and trim won’t be frowned upon in LA.



Don’t Fall For Star Maps and Celebrity Tours:
For some travelers, a trip to Los Angeles is a chance to mingle with
the stars. While it might be tempting to ask a local where the
celebrities hang out, don’t. Many outfits advertise of celebrity tours
where you can see the homes of your favorite movie stars or they will
give you a map to reach their homes. Cheesy and also creepy, again, this
is not a true Los Angeles experience. There are plenty of museums,
attractions and restaurants to enjoy without having to stalk celebrities
to do so.

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