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From Stargazing to Fresh Food Tasting: Five Things to Do in Los Angeles

This blog post was updated on October 11, 2018.

I imagine it being hard for people boarding flights to Los Angeles to not already know about the Hollywood Walk of Fame or Rodeo Drive.

These are high-profile icons in the city that are givens and likely appear on most LA itineraries.

What I’m interested in talking about are the other areas of Los Angeles that provide things to do that you might not really know about… yet.

So, here are some recommendations for things to do on your Los Angeles getaway, after checking out the Walk of Fame and Rodeo Drive of course!

Go Stargazing: The Griffith Observatory is best visited in the evening as the sun is beginning to set and the stars are starting to dimly fill the sky.  Okay, so you probably won’t be able to see many stars per se because of the city smog (sad fact) and the bright lights, but at least the bright lights are worth the site!  A friend drove me up to the observatory on my recent visit and it was amazing to see the grid of lights that is Los Angeles and the tiny group of buildings that is downtown.

Hop a Bus Tour: There are Los Angeles bus tours to cover most big topics like celebrity homes, movie studios and LA suburbs.  If you’re finding it hard to get around to all of these places (Los Angeles can be hard to navigate without a rental vehicle), then a bus tour is not a bad option.  Plus, you often get funny and information commentary throughout the ride!

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Check Out Art Museums: Just like Los Angeles is a hub for movies and music, it is also the home of some great art and artists.  To get a full view of the creative scale LA is a part of, be sure to stop off at a few of the art museums during your stay. You can pop into the Getty Center, the Museum of Contemporary Modern Art and the Fowler Museum to name but a few.

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Chill at the Beaches: Being right near the west coast of the USA, Los Angeles definitely has its share of beaches where you can sunbathe or suf.  You can head down to the famous Venice Beach to skateboard, roller blade, work out with the bodybuilders and just get a glimpse of the quirkier side of Los Angeles.

Hollywood Farmers’ Market: Every Sunday, a section of Hollywood is turned into a farmers market where vendors sell direct to consumers any number of items from fresh fruits and veggies to organic bison.  Vendors selling tamales, kettles corn or fresh fruit juices line the streets as buskers take up every corner.  It’s a perfect place to spend your Sunday morning or afternoon when the weather is just screaming for you to be outdoors.

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