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Rome Considering Ban on “Living Statues”

This blog post was updated on August 2, 2021.

Visitors to Rome are accustomed to navigating their way through large crowds gathered around street performers. The streets of Rome are rife with performers soliciting donations, entertaining tourists to make ends meet.


However, Roman officials are now considering a proposal that would more strictly regulate activities taking place on the streets of Rome.


Under the proposal, “living statues” would be banned under the basis that they do not demonstrate artistic merit and serve only to create disruption.


Another provision would place stricter limits on street musicians. Under the proposed law, street music would be banned after 10 PM and violators risk having their instruments confiscated. Currently musicians are allowed to perform until 11 PM.


Don’t give up your dream of being a statue just yet, however. The measures will be debated by Rome’s municipal council over the next two weeks before any decision is announced.


Source: AFP

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