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Flying Above The Storm: Four Air Travel Tips For Beating Bad Weather Blues

This blog post was updated on October 11, 2018.

I am just one of the many people who face travel plans being thrown up in the air due to the supposed super-storm that is Hurricane Sandy. These storms might wreak havoc on locals who live in the hard hit areas, but they also affect travelers in ways that can cause the blues. When you learn your flight to New York has been cancelled or you worry your flight will soon be on the list of no return, you could panic, scream or drown your sorrows in a pint of ice cream. However there are a few things you can do about your air travels in the bad weather.

Check Airline Travel Advisories: In the case of big storms, airlines will issue travel advisories or alerts. You can usually find these warnings on the homepages of most airlines. They will list the dates of flights that are being affected along with the destinations. If your destination and dates match those listed in the travel advisory, you can proceed to reschedule your flight without incurring a fee in most cases. If you have the flexibility to merely leave a few days later, you can avoid any problems with a major weather meltdown at the airport by booking a flight several days after the storm.

Have Airline Phone Numbers Ready: If you find yourself stranded at the airport, you can watch the masses run to the ticket counter to reschedule their flights or you can do the opposite. You should have your airline’s phone number for customer service ready in this type of scenario. Often times you can get a leg up on other travelers merely waiting in line and sort out flight cancelations over the phone instead.

Keep Informed of The Weather: The best thing you can do when you are trying to travel through a major storm or bad weather is to stay informed of the situation. The weather can change quickly. A flight could open up or one could be cancelled in an instant due to a change in the winds. Travelers should also beware that news broadcasts can sometimes sensationalize a storm before they even know what the storm will do. If your flight is leaving later in the week after a big storm, you shouldn’t panic but merely keep updated on the weather situation and your flight status.

Know Your Rights In the Case of Cancellations: Your flight might not be cancelled or delayed yet but it easily could. The best step you can take before any cancellations or delays affect you is to know your rights in the case of cancellations. Every airline varies slightly on what travelers are credited to in the case that their flight is cancelled or rerouted. You need to know how to proceed within your rights even before you are one of the travelers affected by the big storm. By knowing this information, you can move quicker when panic sets in over a cancelled flight as you already know the steps to proceed with your travels.


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