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Five Travel Lessons From A Mom

This blog post was updated on January 27, 2022.

Behind every great traveler is a mother. Many of our moms shaped our love of travel or even influenced how we travel.


Throughout history, some of the most famous travelers, those quoted and looked up to, had that motherly guidance that made them into the great travelers history describes.


We can all thank the mothers of these famous travelers who gave birth to notions on travel in more ways than one.


My own mother has taught me much about travel that I don’t always appreciate. With Mother’s Day in the U.S. just days away, here are a few lessons on travel from my own mom that I have learned to incorporate in my own travels.



Always Unpack No Matter How Long You Are Staying—This idea may be more of a mental one, but my mom always unpacks her luggage immediately upon landing. Even if we are just staying a few nights or just one night, she has her clothes all neatly put away as though she is at home. This is a notion travelers don’t have to take literally but one they can mentally. I learned my mom is not trying to be a guest everywhere she goes, but rather a resident. Mentally unpacking allows you to find a familiar grove in a place in which you are not familiar.


Get Up Early and Get Going—I may not love this lesson at 7 AM when I hear my mom stirring in the hotel room, trying to get the coffee maker going. I may not love this lesson when I wake up to the sound of a shower going before the sun is up. However, when I am out seeing my destination rather than sleeping in, I appreciate her early bird attitude. Sleeping in while you travel is a waste of time and money. You can always catch up on sleep after a trip, but now is the time to see what you came all this way to experience.


Pack According to Colors—If you find packing to be a nightmare, you may want to pay attention to this lesson. My mom always packs according to certain set colors. Everything goes together, making the packing process not only stylish but also easy. She usually picks two main colors and accents with them with basics of black, white and tan.


Be a Chatty Kathy With Locals—Apart from the fact that my mom’s name is Kathy, when she travels, she sure can talk. She strikes up conversations with anyone and everyone, much to my eye roll. At the same time, I wish I could travel more with such a gift for gab. The stories she uncovers from conversations with locals enrich the travel experience, proving travel wouldn’t be intriguing without that chatter with locals.


It Never Hurts To Call—When it comes to the travel industry, problems are going to occur. You have a middle seat on a 16-hour flight. The hotel rate is just too high for your liking. While some travelers just accept their fate and take a backseat to travel problems, my mom does not. She gets on the phone at the hotel. She is calling the airline for a better seat. With one phone call, she can reverse a great deal of travel worries, proving it never hurts to ask.


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What are some travel lessons you have learned from your mom?

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