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Euro Disney Seeking Additional Funding Before 20th Anniversary Celebration

This blog post was updated on October 9, 2018.

Euro Disney, the operator of the Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studio theme parks, has requested additional funding from investors to improve the parks before the resort celebrates its 20th anniversary next year.


However, low attendance numbers and mounting debt could make investors wary of doling out more money.


Although Disney is enjoying heaps of success in Asia (ground-breaking at a new park in Shanghai took place last week), Disneyland Paris is struggling to attract European families still reeling from the global recession.


The tough economic conditions have hampered Euro Disney’s campaign to add a third park to the resort to jumpstart attendance numbers.


A deadline with the French government that would allow the company to build a third park until 2017 was recently extended until 2030.


Source: The Guardian

Flickr: wrayckage

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