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Five Tips on Traveling with Friends

This blog post was updated on October 10, 2018.

Living with a friend is one thing but traveling with one can mean something totally different. You may think that you’ve already witnessed each other’s day to day habits, organizational skills and hygienic mishaps but try taking these things and placing them outside of your usual element. Things can get complicated to say the least. The following tips will help both of you get through your journey… alive.


1) Chat beforehand: Maybe you have more travel experience or perhaps your friend has saved up more money for your adventure. Whatever the case may be, if you have doubts, lay them out before you go. If you’re worried you’ll end up being the babysitter or baby for that matter, voice it. This way, if a situation does arise you’re both somewhat prepared to deal with it.


2) Space is essential: Understand that wanting space is completely normal. It doesn’t mean you care about one another any less, and it doesn’t mean you’re a bad friend if you want some time alone. Space will allow you to appreciate your time together even more, and it’ll provide you with more interesting conversation. You want to be able to ask each other questions about your experiences without the answer always being, “Well, you know, I was standing right next to you.”


3) Let it roll: You’re going to annoy one another at some point but you can avoid unnecessary arguments by letting certain things roll off of your back. So what if your friend doesn’t wear socks with her sweaty sneakers. That’s her prerogative. Preaching to her about it will only get you both frustrated. In the end, you’ll love her even more for her imperfections.


4) Respect each other: You chose to travel together for a reason.  Make sure you show each other your appreciation of one another’s company and in the end you’ll end up closer than you began.


5) Divide the duties: No one should really have more responsibility than the other. If you’re fair and each person pulls their own weight, you’ll pass up the risk of resentment and frustration. An important thing to also remember is that while you should be there for another, looking out for each other while traveling, etc., in the end you have to be responsible for yourself. Expecting someone else to take care of you puts a lot of pressure on them while placing you in a vulnerable position.


Happy Travels!


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