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Five Tips For Females Traveling Solo

This blog post was updated on December 2, 2021.

As a young, female traveler, most of my adventures have started off with just me and I’d say that nearly 100 percent of the time that I’ve traveled I’ve felt really safe. Here are some tips that have helped me get safely through my journeys while still allowing me to have a wonderfully exciting experience…


Don’t dress like a Hoochie: Really though. I mean for one, you don’t want to stick out as someone unfamiliar with your destination’s culture anyway; you’re a traveler, not a tourist. And, if you are going to draw attention to yourself, you don’t want it to be the kind that daisy dukes bring. Do a little research on the dress of the country you’re visiting and try to fit in. It’s important to be an individual, that’s true but you also want to be smart and respectful.


Don’t wander dark alleyways alone: It sounds obvious but if in you’re in a place long enough it could start to feel like home, or at least very comfortable. I’d suggest not wandering dark allies with friends either, male or female. But if you’re a chick and you’re alone, avoid this completely. Not just allies either, avoid walking home at night by yourself, avoid being in areas that aren’t well known or populated without some sort of guide, etc. If you’re far from where you’re staying, take a taxi (a marked one).


Don’t give personal info out to strangers: You saw that movie Taken right? No but all joking aside, you should never give out the address of where you’re staying or any other info that would put you in a dangerous situation. If you meet some friends (and I’m sure you will) agree to meet up in a public place. If you fall in love, do the same, at least until you really get to know the person.


Don’t be a lush: As a female traveling alone you’ll want to have all of your faculties somewhat intact most of the time. Stumbling out of a bar in the wee hours of the morning can make anyone an easy target for theft or something more serious, and as a female the red bull’s-eye on your forehead is even brighter.


Enjoy yourself: Make friends with locals and other travelers. This is a good idea because it allows for you to have other people around, especially if you’re in a place where group travel is safer and more common. It’s also just fun! While you should be cautious, don’t be afraid of everyone and everything, just be smart and sensible and things should work out A-OK.


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