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Find Sicily’s Tastiest Spots with the Free Agromobile App

This blog post was updated on July 26, 2021.

Find Sicily’s Tastiest Spots with the Free Agromobile App
A recent and delicious visit to Sicily was made all the more juicy, fruitful and scenic with the Agromobile app.
Agromobile is a website and a free to download app sharing food and wine related itineraries in Sicily. Interested “land food,” “seafood” or the “nectar of the gods?” That’s how Agromobile divvies up its itineraries with practical suggestions grounded with a local perspective to help visitors make of their time on the island.
The app offers tours “to the discovery of prehistoric megaliths and medieval villages” … “movie sets and breathtaking views” … “traditions and legends concerning the Strait of Messina” and loads more, all coupled with advice, great photography and easy to read maps. Each Agromobile tour is listed with suggested costs, duration, best time of year to experience, details about the area and a wealth of information about the theme of the tour.  Suggested tours have been designed and tested by the app’s designers and are “constantly updated.” Be it Sicilian swordfish specialties, local craft beer, chocolate, or whatever Mediterranean treats your taste buds insist you to seek out, there’s a tour for it. There’s even a function for you to create your own tour.
The project is the brainchild of Gaia Barcellona and Valentina Guerrera, “two young professional Sicilian women who love their land and have decided to start an activity that would enhance and promote the image of Sicily both in Italy and in the whole world.”
Whether or not you actually utilize the app to create an itinerary, you may still find it to be a handy resource when you find yourself with a little extra free time or when you come across something yummy and intriguing that you would like to learn more about. And anyway, it’s free to download. So why not have a look?
I certainly feel my trip to Sicily was greatly enhanced by downloading the app to my phone. Weeks later and I’ve still got it on there – for equal part inspiration and planning aid. App or not, Sicily blew me away (especially its unique and flavoursome cuisine). I’m dying to go back for another taste. And when I do, I’m certain to bring Agromobile along for the ride.

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