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4 Delicious European Food Museums To Visit

This blog post was updated on July 29, 2021.

4 Delicious European Food Museums To Visit
May 18th has officially become International Museum Day, a day to raise awareness on the importance of museums to society. In order to appropriately honor the holiday, travelers can embrace museums beyond those dedicated to art and history and take a bite out of the delicious and often-mouthwatering museums dedicated to food. Europe in particular has welcomed food museums with open mouthfuls, with many museum spaces dedicated to several elements on the table, from paprika to fries. Come with an empty stomach and try out these four food museums in Europe.
Pick Salami and Szeged Paprika Museum, Hungary: Combing the city’s two loves, the Pick Salami and Szeged Paprika Museum lends visitors a look at the history of Pick salami and the production of paprika. Set up in the town of Szeged in Southern Hungary, the museum might be a little far from central Europe, but it is surprising worth the trip. Visitors not only learn about the history of Pick salami and paprika, but they also don’t go home hungry. The museum offers salami samples and Szeged produced paprika to try.
Museo del Parmigiano Reggiano, Italy: While there are several food museums around Parma, Italy, cheese fans flock to the Museo del Parmigiano Reggiano. The classic and prestigious cheese boasts ancient origins. Even in Roman times, the cheese from Parma was praised. The museum to Parmigiano Reggiano cheese compiles material on the salty cheese from all five provinces where it is produced. Visitors can learn about the history and production of this classic Italian cheese. The Museo del Parmigiano Reggiano sits in the town of Soragna in Parma.
Friet Museum, Belgium: When you are in Bruges, or Belgium for that matter, it is hard not to succumb to the power of the Belgian fry. Luckily for fry fanatics, Bruges has a museum dedicated to fries. The Friet Museum is the first and only museum in the world dedicated to potato fries. A visit to the museum explores more specifically the Belgian potato fry. Not only can travelers learn about the history of fries but also how the popular snack and side came to be a Belgian tradition. The Friet Museum sets up in the beautiful Saaihalle building in Bruges.
Currywurst Museum, Germany: Rounding out the many food museums in Europe, a trip to Berlin is often not complete until you have sampled the city’s signature dish, currywurst. Luckily for travelers, the city takes currywurst so seriously that there is a Currywurst Museum. Exploring the history of Currywurst, guests of the museum learn details on the legendary snack from its invention in the late 1940s to its role around the globe. A museum visit includes a virtual currywurst making station, spice chamber and a sausage sofa. The regular ticket price includes a currywurst tasting.

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