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Best Bets for Breakfast in Atlanta

This blog post was updated on October 5, 2018.

Atlanta is a sprawling metropolitan city, full of luxurious hotel accomodations and a plethora dining options.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the quaint restaurants offering southern-style home cooking.

A favorite pastime for Atlantans is waking up on the weekend and high-tailing it to a late breakfast.

From small, unique restaurants to restaurants with a few locations in town, to the corporate machines, Atlanta’s breakfast options come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors.

And while there is an endless sea of choices for breakfast, these are some of the tried and true best breakfast spots in town:

The Flying Biscuit: This Atlanta institution can be found in a few locations in the city. Known for its all-organic menu, the whimsical restaurant offers down-home cooking and healthy options to fit any diners’ needs. It’s heavy on the healthy, and offers fluffy home-cooked biscuits drizzled with honey, as well as a wheat version. Bacon lovers, take note – there’s no pork on the menu, but don’t let that stop you. Even the turkey bacon is crispy and tasty. Must-try: orange-scented whole wheat French toast topped with raspberry sauce and honey crème anglaise.

Waffle House: Quick. Cheap. Greasy. And oh-so good. This chain was started by Georgia State grads (hence the yellow and black theme) and serves up the typical breakfast comfort foods in a diner style. Don’t expect anything fancy. This is a no-frills restaurant. The menu is big, photo-heavy and laminated. The prices are on par with fast food. Customers sitting at the bar are treated to the inner-workings of the kitchen. Everything is prepared behind the bar on a line of grills, with orders being called out and prepared. See if you can decipher what kind of hashbrowns are being ordered – there are tons of ways to get them here, and they all have different names. Must-try: the pecan waffle.


Highland Bakery: There’s almost always a wait here on the weekends but Highland is definietly a must-visit for anyone soon boarding flights to Atlanta. This hot spot has garnered quite a reputation for its brunch and large selection of baked goods. Plates here are huge. With a cozy atmosphere, Highland Bakery is among the most popular places in the ATL to start the morning. Be sure to pick up some baked goods, too. Everything is made from scratch and the talk of the town. Must-try: Challah bread peanut butter French toast.

Ria’s Blue Bird: The pancakes on its menu have received nationwide attention. Carb-lovers order these flapjacks like they are going out of style. And, with good reason – these morsels are light, fluffy and served with hot maple syrup. Then, there are the little bonuses you can order – Georgia pecans or caramelized bananas on the side. There’s an entire breakfast and lunch menu, but … those pancakes. Must-try: the pancakes, of course. Or, the fish and grits.

West Egg Café: Forget about going to eat breakfast during breakfast at West Egg Café. Instead, hit up this southern spot for Sunday Brunch, in place of Sunday Dinner. West Egg serves breakfast all day, so it is perfect for late risers, or those craving eggs and bacon in the afternoon. You can build your own biscuit, indulge in a Belgian waffle or keep it healthy with organic oatmeal. Regardless, this cute little spot in town is a great way to pass time, and fill your belly with tasty food. Must-try: fried green tomato wrap.

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