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5 Reasons to Visit Cape Breton Island

Written by Going Places

This blog post was updated on May 1, 2020.

Guest Post Author:  Bee Mandelberg is a native New York writer with a penchant for monograms, Thrifting, traveling and true crime stories. She can carry a Vogue in one hand and latte in the other. Style island is your one stop shop for food/style/travel and more on the island of manhattan and beyond. Follow her on Twitter @styleisland and


Recently I got a chance to visit the lovely, yet mostly undiscovered Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. I was treated to a stay by the Cape Breton Resorts, and spent my weekend driving through Nova Scotia and exploring the low key, yet lively and unique Cape Breton Island. Cape Breton has restaurants and lobster that rival the charm of the Hamptons and a National Park that holds its own anything you’ve seen in Arizona or Utah. And yet, Cape Breton has yet to be truly discovered as a tourist destination. But that is hopefully going to change. In 2013 National Geographic voted Cape Breton Island one of the top ten most beautiful spots to visit, and they’re hoping others will catch on to their little secret. Here are 5 reasons why you need to discover Cape Breton and make it your next vacation spot.

dancing goat cafe

1. Charming Hampton like spots in the middle of the woods like The Dancing Goat Cafe. If you’re visiting Nova Scotia, then a stop for lunch at this unassuming cafe along the Cabot Trail is a must do. The little bakery sells bread, baked goods, and a few sandwiches, which included one of the best egg salad sandwiches I’ve ever had. Upon arriving, the place was packed, and we had to wait to get a seat in the back porch. By the time we landed, we relished in the simplicity of our surroundings, and the taste of our cappuccinos and cookies.


2. Lobster that is bigger and better then anything you will have at the Lobster Box. And about a 1/4 of the price. In Nova Scotia, and Cape Breton Island, seafood is king, and the portions are shockingly hefty and generous. A welcome change from the land of New York, tourist traps, and over inflation.


3. The artsy, creative vibe all along the Cabot Trail. The Cabot Trail, which runs through Nova Scotia Cape Breton is famous throughout Canada, and a popular attraction for visitors. The scenic road is exceptional long, and experiencing it fully can actually take several days. Between stopping along the

Cabot Trailroad for the many scenic overpasses, to whale watching, and hiking trails, there’s no shortage of things to do. But one of the coolest parts of the Trail is getting to stop and explore all the artsy boutiques along it. Artisan stores with everything from glass blowers, to pottery pieces cover the road, and make for some great Instagram photo diaries.




4. Driving through the Highland Park. Preferably with a top down. Beaches are lovely, cruises great for the family. But you know what else is great for the family? Getting outside! Back to nature. A trip to Cape Breton won’t only awaken your physicality, it will awaken your sense of adventure.

Highland Park

5. The fun of awesome, quaint general stores that make you feel like you are in another era. There is just something about a sign on the road for homemade lobster sandwiches that is just really cool. By the way, these $5 sandwiches. Quite simply fresh lobster meat stuffed between two pieces of white bread. It’s insanely delicious. You can’t get that at your local store, or restaurant for that matter.

general store



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