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Delta is a city in Millard County in the American state of Utah. It had originated as a railroad switch that was set up near a dam in 1905. Fast forward to 2017 for your Delta vacations, you would find this city an interesting bracket of all that has happened over last 100 years in the city. It is home to a Second World War internment camp, the country’s biggest power plant, the only remaining example of 19th century ‘adobe’ forts and a 1920s entertainment complex (Van’s Hall). Delta is situated near Topaz Mountain that derives its name from the regional abundance called topaz besides other minerals and rocks. To make your Delta vacations even more enjoyable, it is advisable to book your Delta vacation packages well in advance to avoid last minute rush and inflated prices.

The best time to visit Delta is during spring and fall. These seasons run from Mid- February to March and from mid September to October respectively.

Places of interest in Delta
Topaz Museum

Topaz Museum captures the plight and agony of those thousands of Japanese-Americans that were detained in incarceration camps after the attack on Pearl Harbor during the Second World War. It is home to a spine-chilling account of their sufferings and is centered on their artworks, photographs, furniture, jewelry and personal belongings.

Fossils and Minerals

Delta is situated in Millard County, which is famous for its abundance of Trilobite fossils. It is easy to find companies here that do let the visitors here dig fossils in lieu of fees. Of related significance here is the Topaz Mountain, a mountain that which derives its name for an abundance of topaz and other precious stones.

Fort Deseret

Built in 1865, Fort Deseret is the only remaining example of adobe forts in Utah. It was built to protect settlers from local Utes community as the US Army was engaged in the Civil War and was unable to provide safety to the local settlers. This old mud and straw fort measures 550 square feet and was built by 98 men in 18 days, and it contains a monument to honor the early settlers.

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