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A city in New Mexico, Roswell is a hub of irrigated farming, manufacturing, dairying, distribution, ranching, and petroleum production. The city is famous for the 1947 'Roswell Incident', when a US Air force surveillance balloon crashed a ranch near the city, prompting claims that alleged the crash was of an extraterrestrial spaceship. The town and a number of local businesses take benefit of the UFO theme by plastering quirky images of aliens on lampposts and storefronts. The small town has a profound history to discover. There are also lots of outdoor attractions with state parks and trails in proximity.

Places of Interest in Roswell
International UFO Museum and Research Center
Opened in 1992, International UFO Museum and Research Center is an international attraction for tourists especially UFO fanatics. The method how the museum is organized is one of the most powerful parts of the museum. The museum encourages visitors to question, research, doubt, and learn on their own. The information and exhibits in the museum are not limited to cult 'Roswell Incident', as the museum also features information on crop circles, alleged abductions, and the infamous Blue Book.

Bottomless Lakes State Park
Located around 15 miles southeast of the city, Bottomless Lakes State Park is positioned along the Pecos River. It is made up of a series of nine small and deep lakes. These lakes are formed by ancient caves that collapsed in the river. These caves are carved from limestone by the aquifer and river. The lakes are ideal for swimming and picnicking. Other things to enjoy in the park are boating, fishing, and bird watching.

Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art
Offering visitors an excellent opportunity to explore the evolution of modern art over the last 40 years, Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art boasts more than 200 pieces of art in its nine galleries. The collection in the museum is diverse and features photographs, prints, drawings, sculpture, and paintings.

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