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Neighborhoods to Book a Hotel in Louisville

Placed to the south of the picturesque Ohio River, Downtown manages the business and economy of Louisville. Beyond this visitors can also visit many attractions like the Falls of the Ohio, the towering Museum Plaza and numerous skyscrapers.

Just Four miles from downtown is the neighborhood of Bonnycastle. It amazes architecture lovers with its signature bell-shaped tract, located on top of the mansions. City’s famous derby parties like Barnstable Brown Party, are celebrated in this neighborhood.

Anyone who seeks a treasure trove of historic architectures in Louisville should head to the the Old Louisville neighborhood, the biggest historic preservation district in the United States. The neighborhood features numerous Victorian homes and buildings.

Earlier called Preston's Enlargement, the neighborhood of Phoenix Hill displays very strong German heritage. Night owls can enjoy many pulsating nightclubs like the Phoenix Hill Tavern.

Named after Kentucky’s Governor Isaac Shelby, Shelby Park is a nice place for sightseeing. Take a walk on secluded streets or quench your hunger at one of many streets at Logan and Oak Streets.

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