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Attention please: This article will get you around 399 sq miles of chicken delicacies, fun, frolics, history, architecture- and even some spooky adventures. The American city of Louisville (in Kentucky state) is home to some notable firsts like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kentucky Derby, the University of Louisville and Louisville Slugger baseball bats. While nothing much needs to be said about the global blockbuster called KFC, it is the Kentucky Derby that needs a polite mention.

Places of Interest in Louisville
Kentucky Derby
I don’t know much about Lily Tomlin, but it’s her caustic wisecrack that often keeps me focused at my work in the office, “the problem with a rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” The pity is that it won’t do me much good once I take it out to apply elsewhere in my life. Ditto for Kentucky Derby. Winning this prestigious race wouldn’t make you a horse but would certainly make you very rich and famous in just a few nanoseconds. No wonder, Kentucky Derby is attended by people who are insanely rich and have more money than they can possibly remember, and this is exactly what makes its thistle so dangerous. It is about a surreal experience but one that comes with a price (actually, a premium).

Lincoln Memorial at Waterfront Park
American history is mostly about two names, Abraham Lincoln and Civil War, and their profound effect on each other. Kentucky is birthplace of the most noted American statesman and the Lincoln Memorial at Waterfront Park here presents to us a statue of the thoughtful president as a clear semblance of his silent, dauntless courage. The memorial, where this statue is housed, would also check the same boxes to seamlessly capture a stunning glance into his life, his political career and the reason he is known as Father of the (most powerful) Nation.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Waverly Hills Sanatorium is the closest to what could come to describe a ‘house of horrors.’ If you’re of a faint heart like me, you can skip it altogether and we’ll still remain friends. If you think you can go ahead and wink at some strange girl in white drapery at midnight there, please ask someone who has already done that. He may have stories to tell you that will curl your hair. Just for the record, Waverly Hills Sanatorium used to be a tuberculosis hospital until government pulled its plugs in 1961 AD- after this, the hospital sulked and became the most haunted place in the world. End of the line.

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