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Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana State in America and is situated along Lake Michigan. The city is famous for its iconic car race ‘Indianapolis 500’ and is admired by thousands of people who love to see anything flying on wheels.

Places of Interest in Indianapolis
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Established in 1883 AD, Indianapolis Museum of Art ranks among top ten oldest museums in the US. Visitors are often left at a loss for words while going through its encyclopedic collection of more than 54,000 artworks that seem to connect the visitors to 3000 BC. The museum is divided into four parts and they all have their distinct identity in terms of artwork, ranging from pre-Columbian and Asian to Neo-Impressionism and Renaissance.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway
On the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a two and a half mile long track was laid to test cars in 1909 AD. Two years later, it made history when the first 500 mile car race called Indianapolis 500 was organized here. Over the course of a hundred years, its success has only gone north and the track was exclusively put aside for suchlike racing competitions.

State Soldiers and Sailors Monument
State Soldiers and Sailors Monument is the first monument that is dedicated to the soldiers and sailors who made supreme sacrifice in the line of duty during various wars that US has been a party to. It was made in 1902 AD to honor fallen heroes of Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Spanish-American War, and the First World War.

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