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Cheap Lexington Vacation Packages

Known as the Horse Capital of the World, Lexington is the second largest city in Kentucky. The city is also famous as the cultural, financial and educational touchdown point of the Bluegrass Region where it is centrally located. Lexington has been traditionally dominated by the horse industry and the University of Kentucky during last two centuries, and that makes up for its ambience of being a laid back city with a college town atmosphere. This city is also one of the greenest and cleanest of cities in the US, and this attribute seems magnified when you look at the sheer number of historical monuments that it has.

Places of Interest in Lexington
Kentucky Horse Park
For a city known exclusively for horses, it would have been an obvious choice to visit this horse farm-turned educational theme park. Kentucky Horse Park was opened in 1978 AD to the public and it hosts two daily shows of ‘Horses of the World’, a popular series that tells about all the rare horses from around the world. Additionally, the park also hosts the International Museum of the Horse. It has a memorabilia of a number of horse races that were held here in previous years. There are also a number of horse sculptures here and central to them all is a life-size statue of the 1973 U.S. Triple Crown winner Secretariat with its jockey Ron Turcotte which is depicted as being led around proudly by groom Eddie Sweat.

Mary Todd Lincoln House
Mary Todd Lincoln House in Lexington was the family and childhood home of Mary Todd, the First Lady and wife of the 16th American President, Abraham Lincoln. The house was initially built as an inn and tavern in 1806 AD before it was purchased by the Todd family. For a visitor, nothing would be more surprising than the fact that the Mary Todd Lincoln house also has a distinction of being the first historic site restored in honor of a First Lady. In 1977 AD, this fourteen room historical house was turned into a public museum to let the common masses see period furniture, portraits and other notable artifacts belonging to the Todd and Lincoln families.

Hunt-Morgan House or the Hopemont
The Hunt-Morgan House was initially built as a two-story mansion Hopemont in 1814 AD by JW Hunt, a millionaire and prominent civic leader in Kentucky. Today this Federal-style residence in Lexington is visited by tourists for its beautiful architecture and Palladian windows that are a fascinating part of the building’s façade. Also of note is the Alexander T. Hunt Civil War Museum which contains a number of relics and memorabilia related to the Civil War, and this museum is located on the second floor of the Hunt-Morgan House.

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