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Book Hotels in Paducah, Kentucky

Neighborhoods to Book a Hotel in Paducah

One of the most popular neighborhoods in Paducah, Jefferson-Park Avenue lies in the lower side of the town and is bounded by 3rd and 9th streets. The area is known for its high entertainment value. Be a part of Lower Town Art & Music Festival hosting bands of Jazz, Blues, Salsa, and Zydeco or enjoy races, take roller coaster ride and various entertaining shows during the McCracken County Fair.

Located in the center of Paducah, Downtown Paducah is one of the oldest areas in the city. The area attracts visitors to its splendid Museum of the American Quilter's Society and the River Heritage Museum. Beyond museums, you will also find a wealth of fine eateries, cafes and specialty shops.

Area lying close to the Barkley Regional Airport is ideal for people traveling on a tight budget. The area offers a lot of quality yet affordable hotels like the Drury Suites Paducah, the Comfort Suites Paducah, the Pear Tree Inn Paducah and more.

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