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Which Country Should You Visit: Belgium or Brazil?

Brazil and Belgium background
Written by Shannon Durso

This blog post was updated on July 20, 2021.

Deciding on where to go for some sightseeing and exploring can be a difficult decision to conquer. You have to start by thinking about your travel preferences, such as touring museums or castles, going on an adventure in the rainforest, or even just chilling out on a beautiful beach, then you’ve got to find the destination that best meets those preferences. Each place is different in their own way with their own unique features, but all offer the chance for an equally memorable trip.

Even two seemingly unrelated countries, like Belgium and Brazil, have an even amount of appeal for travelers; it just comes down to what you want on your travels. So scroll on to discover whether Brazil or Belgium is best for your next trip.

Venture to Belgium if…

You want to wander different kinds of cities

traveler in Brussels

Interested in doing some exploring? Belgium offers a variety of different cities that are easy to get to for tourists who aren’t familiar with the country. There’s Brussels for sightseeing, like the Grand Palace located in the city’s center, and checking out the local shops and pubs; Bruges to admire medieval architecture and enjoy gorgeous boat rides through canals, and Mechelen, where you can head to the top of St. Rombout Cathedral to take-in the city skyline.

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You’re a beer drinker

Become even more of a beer expert when you visit Belgium. Take a tour at one of the many breweries to taste the many ales and discover a new favorite Belgium beer. While you’re here, talk to the friendly locals and inquire about the best places to grab a drink or even where to take a fun tour of pubs or breweries.

You’ve always dreamed of visiting a castle

castle in belgium

Belgium is the place for you if you’re looking to feel like royalty outside of a massive castle. In fact, this country has the most castles in the world! Head to Gravensteen in Ghent, a world-renown castle built in the 10th century. Now a museum where visitors can explore each room, staircase, and floor.

You love going to music festivals

It doesn’t matter which genre of music you enjoy because Belgium hosts festivals for all! The country hosts some of the largest in the world. Pack your bags and prepare to spend a few days listening to world-famous artists because these festivals run for a few days. From events like Tomorrowland (EDM festival) to Rock Werchter (Rock festival) any music lover will have the time of their lives here.

Choose to travel to Brazil if…

You’re searching for some colorful scenery

colorful staircase in Brazil

Focus your camera on the vibrant neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro. The art murals and colorful sidewalks throughout the city surely will make for a great photo. Notice some of the beautifully colored buildings and homes throughout the different neighborhoods that seamlessly blend together as if it were a real-life portrait. Some of the murals painted on the walls and sidewalks may be similar to the graffiti you see at home, but the main difference is the detail and meaning behind each mural.

You’re not afraid of heights

Willing to hop in a cable car and ascend to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain? If so, prepare for major views of Rio de Janiero from great heights that one could only see to believe. And if you have the energy, climb to the worlds largest art deco sculpture, Christ the Redeemer, which sits at the summit of Mount Corcovado. While in Rio exploring this world-renowned landmark (from the ground level or at the top) is a must!

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You want to relax on the beach

beach in Brazil

Sunscreen is definitely a necessity for a trip to Brazil. Its tropical coastline offers a huge variety of beaches to choose from. Being that the coastline runs for thousands of miles, we suggest you head to the one closest to you. Wherever you are in Brazil the turquoise waters and golden sand will definitely satisfy the beach-loving traveler whose looking to get their bronze on!

You’re interested in trying traditional foods

Taste the traditional cuisines of Brazil throughout the country. If you’re a meat and beans lover, we suggest you go for the most popular dish, Feijoada. It’s a stew made with beans, beef, pork, spices, and select vegetables. You can find probably find this dish anywhere in the country. And although that’s only one delicious meal, you’ll find culturally influenced dishes wherever you go in Brazil.

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