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Uruguay vs. France: Where Should You Holiday Next?

Written by Dhinesh Manuel

While Europe and South America offer different types of thrills and wonderful experiences for travelers, they also do have a lot of similarities. If you’re in the mood for either a great getaway to Europe or an eye-opening trek to South America, then you should consider either France or Uruguay for your next adventure! But if you have just so many vacation days at your disposal then you’re going to have to list out what’s more attractive to you in each destination. Well, here’s where we can help; here are some key points to consider in making your decision on where to go for your next vacay.

Visit Uruguay if…

You Want a Variety of Great Beaches

Punta del Diablo Beach

Probably the world’s best-kept secret, not too many travelers (other than frequent visitors from neighboring Brazil and Argentina) know about Uruguay’s amazing beaches. If you want to surf or take in the slow pace of life of a fishing village, then soak up the tranquil vibes of Punta del Diablo. If you’d rather rub shoulders with celebrities and socialites, make your way to Montevideo’s popular and glamorous Punta del Este.

You Want to Experience South America’s Most Unique Carnival


Image via Flickr – CC BY-SA 2.0Jimmy Baikovicius

Yes – it does have the elaborate costumes, the floats, and the music, much like Brazil’s famous carnival. BUT, it does also have a big focus on culture, mainly through the Candombe drum lines paying homage to the rhythms brought over by African slaves, and also through the unique “murgas”, a form of musical theater put on by costumed choirs. Oh, and did you know that Uruguay’s celebrations — which run for 40 days over January and February — make it the longest-running carnival in South America?

You Love Being a Carnivore

Barbecue in restaurant in Mercado del Puerto in Montevideo, Uruguay

While Argentina’s barbecue scene is well known, many people wouldn’t know that, in 2016, Uruguay was the largest consumer of beef per capita! The country has a love affair with grilled meats, and you only have to follow your nose to Montevideo’s famous Mercado del Puerto marketplace to sample some steaks, ribs, pork, lamp, morcilla (blood sausage), and chicken. Vegetarians won’t feel left out; there are also veggies on the fire while grilled provolone cheese is another Uruguayan favorite you have to try.

You Want to Go Back in Time

The streets of Colonia del Sacramento, a city in southwestern Uruguay

How often do you get the chance to feel like you’re trapped in a bygone era? That’s exactly what you can experience in Colonia del Sacramento! Maybe it’s the cobbled streets, the old-timers playing cards at the side of the street, beautiful old houses, and the vintage cars parked everywhere, but whatever it is, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has a unique “frozen-in-time” charm that keeps bringing visitors back again and again.

Visit France if…

You Want to Make it a Romantic Trip

loving couple kissing on Eiffel Tower background, Paris, France

The most romantic city in the world holds many treats for lovers. The fairytale can go on and on with a kiss in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower, holding hands through the winding streets of Montmartre, watching the world go by at the Place Dauphine, and taking a walk on the banks of the tranquil Seine river. If you want to take things at a more leisurely pace, then you’ll have no trouble finding a cozy cafe to just sit, sip on some coffee, and embrace the Parisian way of life.

You Want to Eat Your Way Through a Country

Diversity of pastry decorated with fruit

The French believe every meal is an experience to be enjoyed to the fullest, and you can partake in all the rich flavors and textures as you bite into some amazing pastries, crepes, and other savory delights like coq au vin and steak fritesEven a simple plate of cheese and bread will taste heavenly. If you’re a foodie, France is heaven!

You Crave the Nectar of the Gods

wine glass near a vineyard

And what’s better to wash down all that great food than some wonderful wines? Whether it’s Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, or Sauvignon Blanc that is your drink of choice, you’ll have so many affordable varieties that you’ll be drinking more often than water. Fancy something with a bit more fizz? Visit the Champagne region and see for yourself how the best bubbly in the world is produced.

You’re All About Art and History

Beautiful panoramic view of famous Le Mont Saint-Michel tidal island with deep blue water and clear reflections in golden evening light at sunset in summer, Normandy, northern France

France has inspired so many artists and thinkers, so when you walk through The Louvre or the Monet House and Gardens in Giverny, you’ll feel the enlightened aura of knowing that you’re right there in the middle of one of the largest culture contributors to the modern world. Check out the Notre Dame cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe, and Mont Saint Michel, and the Chateau de Versailles and learn about the stories behind them. This is where you come to truly appreciate the beauty of human civilization.

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