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US Airlines Improve On-Time Performance in January

This blog post was updated on January 11, 2022.

On-time performance numbers for US airlines in the month of January were reported today by the Department of Transportation.


The news was good for US carriers; they finally were able to buck the trend of tardiness that had plagued them in recent months.


From December to January, on-time performance increased from 72 percent to 76.3 percent for 16 major US airlines.


While the month-over-month numbers showed improvement, on-time performance remained a few points lower than a year earlier.


Officials point to more crowded flights, a sign of the recovering industry, as a reason for many of the recent delays.


Hawaiian Airlines once again boasted the best on-time performance with a 91.2% rate, followed by Alaska Airlines at 85.3%, and United Air at 84.5%.


Source: Wall Street Journal

Flickr: Simon_sees

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