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Traveling Back in Time Without Complicated Physics Equations

This blog post was updated on October 30, 2018.

Finding a land's end can help you forget about space and time (Image: Wikimedia)

Two scientists in Australia recently came up with an equation proving time travel just might be possible.


Whether their findings are accurate or even plausible, travelers can sometimes get into a competition over their travels.


Continent counting, country collecting, call it what you will, travelers love to travel and tell you where they have been.

However, aside from some YouTube video supposedly showing a woman in the 1900s on her cell phone, no one in our world has ever traveled back in time, at least that we know of.


While going to space might be next on your list after knocking off all of the continents, why not brag to friends and family of your travels back in time?


It’s possible on any vacation with the right destination and attitude in mind. If you just can’t wait for teleportation devices to hit the Sky Mall Magazine, here are a few ways to create a time travel experience on your next trip.

Visit little known archaeological sites: From the Phoenician settlement of Nora in Sardinia to the quietness of Paestum, Italy, time travel seems possible in these little known archeological sites. Seek out the small archaeological sites, rather than the big guys of Rome and Cairo that get all of the attention. When no one is around and you have no preconceived notions of these places, the imagination can truly roam. They may not be as grand or as discussed, but they allow for the imagination to take a trip back in time for you can create the setting in its purest form.

Explore historic city centers in the early morning: A major part of creating a setting to feel as though you are traveling through its heydays of power comes best in the early morning hours, when the historic center is still asleep, when the souvenir stands haven’t given birth to plastic knick-knacks for the day. Exploring a city in the early morning allows for quiet, inviting the mind to drum up visions of Dante strolling down the Ponte Vecchio for no one is around to alter the imagination.

Attend an age-old festival: All around the globe, little villages and towns are putting on festivals as they have been for centuries. Book your travel around these festivals. While in Portugal, I stumbled upon the medieval festival in Silves. Locals were dressed in traditional rags, as typical medieval dishes poured out of wooden stalls. Festivals and celebrations define tradition and makeshift time travel. Sometimes we need the cheesy costumes and bad food to put us back into a different time.

Take the slow road: In today’s travel world, we want to get there quicker and see it all as fast as we can in order to get back to work on Monday. While quick trips can still be rewarding, taking things slower permits the traveler to truly engross oneself in the destination and the destination’s sense of time. If there is a slow road or a hard to reach locale you are dying to visit, go. Take the road less traveled to the ends of the earth. In the process, you may feel as though you are really traveling back in time for you are going as they did back in the day, slow and out there.

Go to a land’s end:
There are points around the globe where the land ends and nothing but sea or ocean can be seen. These points are often points of time travel for me. Seeing open waters from the last bit of land has a feeling of discovery, of imagining the first eyes to see what you are standing on and picturing those last longing looks of home.


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