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Wanderlust Approved: Our Top 7 Picks for Travel Podcasts to Listen to in 2020

Written by Tasmiah Rashid

Where should I go? How long should I stay? Hotel or hostel? Will I need mosquito repellent? From oft-travelers to the never-been-on-a-planers, there are a million questions that come to mind when it’s time to figure out travel plans. And in the age of multitasking, smartphones and long commutes what better way than to throw on a podcast to get all your answers?

Whether you’re looking to live vicariously through some famous nomads by hearing their stories, or you’re looking for some advice to embrace the nomadic lifestyle yourself, travel podcasts are a great resource for you to tap into the expert knowledge and inspirational travel tales you’re looking for. Here are our top 2020 picks for you to tune into when you’re looking to tune out!

Amateur Traveler

travel podcasts 2020

Can’t decide where to go? Tune into this award-winning podcast, and you’ll find about 650+ episodes to help you choose. Don’t be fooled by the title, host Chris Christensen is no newcomer to travel. From what to put on your Chicago-style hot dog (the true Windy-City way) to where you can take swimming lessons with whales in Tonga, these in-depth travel guides cover off just about everything you need to know about a travel destination.  It’s no wonder that Amateur Traveler was downloaded over a million times last year!

Where to listen:
Spotify | iTunes | Stitcher | Google Podcasts

JUMP with Traveling Jackie

(formerly known as The Budget-Minded Traveler)


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Whether you catch yourself daydreaming about beach adventure a little extra lately, or you’re afraid to make a flight booking because the idea of planning an itinerary terrifies you, or you’re dying to become a travel-junkie but are too nervous about the affordability, Traveling Jackie’s message to you in this podcast is simple: just take the leap!

JUMP offers real, practical advice on getting a move on with your travel aspirations, through inspiring stories and advice on how to hit the ground running as they embark on their adventures. You’ll find everything from travel tips and destination guides, to stories and advice from real-life nomads and travel experts on this podcast, so it’s especially great for those of you looking for a light, easy and insightful travel podcast to listen to.

Where to listen:
Spotify | iTunes | Stitcher | iHeartRadio | Google Podcasts

The Trail Less Traveled

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Don’t have the time or money (or either) to travel? Sit back, throw on your headphones, and tune into The Trail Less Traveled — a travel podcast that transports you to some of the world’s most remote destinations in every episode. Mandela, the yoga-instructing, international-guide-for-white-water-rafting, and Aboriginal-anthropologist host for the show takes you through an audible journey into the places she travels to, recording each episode right from those locations.

Taking it back to the oldest form of entertainment, this podcast is centered around storytelling. Through recordings of the local soundscape, and exclusive interviews with adventurers and natives of these extraordinary places, The Trail Less Traveled offers its listeners the unique opportunity to learn more about the histories and cultures of many distant, unknown lands…right from your seat!

Where to listen:
Spotify | iTunes Stitcher iHeartRadio | Google Podcasts | CastBox

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Our Americana

pittsfield, NH - travel podcasts

For all you sightseers and vacationers devoted to domestic travel, we’ve got just the travel podcast for you. Our Americana is a podcast covers the stories, cultures, and histories of small, often remote and underrepresented towns across the United States. (and sometimes Canada). Combining the magic of captivating storytelling and love for travel, the host — Josh Hallmark — chronicles the adventures of his six-month-long, cross-country road trip and also features speakers from unique towns across America that pose as challenges to our perceptions of community and togetherness, as we know and understand it today.

Where to listen:
Spotify | iTunes | Stitcher |Spreaker | CastBox

A Way to Go (by iHeartRadio)

Brought to you by Fathom, the inspirational travel website — A Way to Go is a great source for curious travelers to learn about the destinations they want to visit. Fathom’s founders, Pavia Rosati and Jeralyn Gerba take those places mentioned on their site and bring them alive through inspirational travel stories, eye-opening interviews, and, of course, insider intel on how to turn your travel dreams into travel realities.

Where to listen:
Spotify | iTunes | Stitcher | iHeartRadio

Zero to Travel

top travel podcasts

You’ve seen them in the past, the apps that promise they’ll turn a couch potato into a marathon runner, or self-help shows that promise to spark joy…now it’s time for you to meet the podcast that promises that they’ll show you how to travel the world, regardless of your financial situation or lifestyle. And Zero to Travel (with over 5 Million downloads and 300+ five-star reviews) is sure to do just that.

Appealing to newbies and nomads alike, and much like the title suggests, this travel podcast is all about learning how to incorporate more globetrotting into your life, no matter what level of traveler you are. Drawing from his own expertise gained over fifteen years of living, working and traveling across the world, host Jason gives listeners the lowdown on his travel experiences and perspectives while also offering actionable travel advice. Whether you’re looking to become a full-time digital nomad or just small ways to add more travel to your busy lifestyle, Jason’s got the intel you need to make it happen!

Where to listen:
Spotify | iTunes | Stitcher

Extra Pack of Peanuts (EPOP)

When it comes to booking travel, are you a shoestring-budget-with-champagne-taste kind of person? If you are (and even if you’re not) you know that budget-travel is no easy feat to accomplish, and is especially difficult if you have a tendency to be a bit of a bon vivant (a.k.a. a lover of luxurious experiences).  Lucky for you happily-married hosts Travis and Heather Sherry of Extra Pack of Peanuts (EPOP) has all the answers to help you pull off a grand vacation even if you’re scraping pennies.

The couple covers all things travel advice from how to maximize frequent flyer miles and credit card rewards, to tips on the best eats, things to do and must-sees in specific destinations. You’ll also hear interviews from well-known nomads, entrepreneurs and bloggers of the travel space, offering tips and intel on how to plan your own affordable adventures.

Where to listen:
Spotify | iTunes | Stitcher

Have a travel podcast recommendation to add to our list? Leave it in the comments section below!

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