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Going the Distance! Here Are 8 of the World’s Longest Non-Stop Flights You Should Consider

Written by Tasmiah Rashid

This blog post was updated on August 6, 2021.

When it comes to the longest, nonstop, passenger flights, the fight to the top continues to intensify as carriers leap-frog one another at what seems like lightning speed! In 2019, Singapore Airlines launched a 16-hour flight between Seattle and Singapore, and while you may think “wow, talk about long-distance flights!” just hold your horses for another few years. Qantas announced that by late 2022, their nonstop, long-haul flight from Sydney to London — a whopping 20+ hour flight and 10,552-mile distance — will be ready for takeoff!

Long flights are never the easiest to endure. But long layovers are often far more miserable, especially when they’re right in the middle of two lengthy, connecting flights. Not only are you losing out on precious vacation time, but you may also be losing out on some great deals! Nonstop flights in off-seasons are often the same price (if not cheaper) than direct or connecting flights — meaning you could potentially get to your destination faster, sooner and within your budget.

So, if you’re itching to go the distance, but want to get there without layovers that shave off your already-limited time in your desired destination, you’ll want to check out these nonstop, long-haul flights to get the best bang for your buck!

Chicago, IL – Hong Kong

Cheapest time to fly: February – March
Duration: 16 hours
Distance: 7,794 miles

longest nonstop flights - CHI - HKG

With so much to do in this bustling metropolis, you’ll need every minute you can get to see (and eat) everything you want to. This nonstop route could save you an average of seven hours of transit time — a.k.a half a day of sightseeing! If you can head here in February or March, you’ll be able to rock those thick Levi’s and won’t have to worry about your freshly straightened hair poofing up while you enjoy mild temperatures and minimal humidity. You can also skip the jostling crowds of visitors, with this time frame being a very low tourist season.

New York, New York (JFK) – Johannesburg, South Africa

Cheapest time to fly: November or February
Duration: 14 hours, 57 minutes
Distance: 7,982 milesuntitled-design-100

How does saving yourself 10 hours of travel time sound? We don’t know about you, but that seems like a great deal! Not only will you save a generous amount of time by flying the nonstop flight from NYC to Jo’burg, but the price averages between direct and non-direct flights are around the same price and in February, they’re actually cheaper. In Johannesburg, the month of November is an enjoyable one, with warm temperatures ranging from 76°F to 84°F (and never dropping below 66°F at night), making it a great time to venture out to a safari, where you’re likely to see more animals than usual, as they enjoy the cooler temperatures. If you’re looking for a slightly warmer time to visit and even fewer tourists, February is the right time for you!

Atlanta, Georgia – Johannesburg, South Africa

Cheapest time to fly: November or February
15 hours. 15 minutes
8,425 miles

Another gateway into Johannesburg, and the rest of South Africa, is the southern US hub of Atlanta. The ATL’s Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest airport in America and it’s no surprise that it’s the starting point for this seriously long (but affordable) flight. As it’s also a culturally significant city to the South, you can take time to check out the massive (and highly rated) Georgia Aquarium, the eye-opening World of Coca-Cola Museum, and a number of very poignant sites related to the Civil Rights Movement. If time permits, don’t forget to pop into CNN headquarters for a tour and also stop by the city’s famous burger and hotdog joint, The Varsity.

San Francisco, California – Singapore

Cheapest time to fly: February
Duration: 17 hours, 15 minutes
Distance: 8,446 milesuntitled-design-97
Taking this long-haul flight from San Francisco to Singapore will not only save you 5-8 hours (if not more) of transit time on your journey but if you book ahead and travel in February, you’ll be saving some big bucks as well! Prices for nonstop vs. flights with 1+ stops are within the same price range during this month. Not only that, but the weather in Singapore at this time is fantastic; temperatures stay within a comfortable range of 82°F – 88°F and you’ll get there at a perfect time to escape the usual humidity that encompasses the region.

Los Angeles, California – Singapore

Cheapest time to fly: February
17 hours. 50 minutes
8,769 miles

There’s more West Coast-originating long-hauls to satisfy travelers keen on sampling the harmonious hybrid of traditional and modern Asia that Singapore has to offer. With LAX being such a hub for flights to and from the West Coast, you’re most like to have more choices (and lower prices) to fly into LA from major cities nearby in order to get to Singapore. While you’re in LA, you can check out the names of the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, pay a visit to the iconic Griffith Observatory, and take a legendary selfie with the one-and-only Hollywood sign in the background!

Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas – Sydney, Australia

Cheapest time to fly: February and March
16 hours
8,589 milesuntitled-design-98
Beautiful beaches, year-round sunshine, and a lively city ambiance … what’s not to love about Sydney? For around the same price and at least six hours less travel time, you can take this nonstop flight from Dallas to Sydney on Qantas and make the most your time at this popular tourist destination, all while enjoying off-peak prices. February is the last month of the Australian summer season and March is the beginning of their autumn, meaning temperatures throughout this time are incredibly pleasant. If you’re a lover of going to the beach and taking a dip in the water, you’ll definitely want to visit in March when the sea is at its warmest.

Houston, Texas – Sydney, Australia

Cheapest time to fly: February and March
17 hours. 30 minutes
8,581 miles

Another great Texan city you can commence your nonstop flight to Sydney is also home to the famous Houston Space Center — so don’t forget to pay a visit and try out a flight simulator to help you experience what blasting off into space would feel like! The off-season prices should also help you enjoy your flight even more, knowing you didn’t have to break the bank for this long-haul international adventure Down Under.

Manila, Philippines – New York, New York (JFK)

New York City - beautiful sunset over manhattan with manhattan and brooklyn bridge

Cheapest time to fly: February and March
17 hours. 30 minutes
8,506 miles

There’s no bad time to visit the Big Apple, as a constantly rotating plethora of activities and entertainment is always available to visitors throughout the year, no matter the season. If you’re thinking of flights to New York City from Manila, Philippines, you’ll be glad to know your direct flight could get you there in just under 18 hours and for affordable ticket prices during the months of February and March. While it sounds a long way to travel, you’ll soon forget about your jet lag as soon as you sink your teeth into that first slice of delicious pizza or get mesmerized by the huge and colorful electronic signage that adorns Times Square. There’s so much fun to be had that you’ll soon realize why they call it “The City That Never Sleeps”!

Have you been on one of these cheap international flights, or other nonstop long-hauls? Give us the lowdown in the comments below!

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