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Top Five Items Your Mom Always Tells You To Pack That You Actually Should

This blog post was updated on October 29, 2018.

Packing those items your mom always nagged you about could come in handy (Image: Wikimedia)

After a nice dinner in Portland, Oregon, a piece of fuzz decided to attack my contact lens.


As my sister frantically navigated back to our hotel, I kept thinking I should keep contact solution in my purse.


It is something my mom always does and proceeds to tell me to do the same.


As annoying as it may be, moms are usually right. If you don’t think you will need it when you leave that door, you probably will.

Once my giant red eye turned more pinkish-white, I could finally come back down from uncomfortable travel pain.


I started collecting a list of small items I won’t leave my hotel room without that I know my mom wouldn’t either, articles that can fit easily into a purse or backpack and always be with you:


Eye Care: Probably one of the biggest aspects to travel comes with seeing. If you can’t see a new place or even enjoy it due to a thick piece of fuzz attacking an eyeball, you can’t enjoy your trip fully. Throw into your purse or backpack whatever you may need to see perfectly, from contact solution to sunglasses.

A Sweater: I don’t know how many times in my life I have heard “wear your sweater!” from my mom when I left out the door. Turns out she knew I would get cold at some stage when parting with home. It is better to lug around that sweater you never think you will need while traveling than not have a sweater or jacket on hand. Even in warmer climates, that extra fabric will always come in handy, maybe even as a makeshift pillow at a crummy hostel.

Snacks: If I travel with my mom, she usually has snacks on hand in her purse. She plans ahead and never wants to let hunger present itself. As a result, travel crankiness doesn’t show up on a vacation due to hunger. Throw a granola bar or crackers into your bag. You never know how long it will be until your next meal, especially when you are traveling.

Spare Toiletries: While basic toiletries are available in nearly every corner of the world, having spare toothpaste or chap stick on hand will always be of use. If I didn’t bring some necessary item to combat dry skin, my mom surely has it. Think of all that could go wrong when you travel and make sure you have the spare products just in case. There is no sense in wasting time while you travel searching for more face wash.

Medicine Kit: Whether it be simple pain medicine or a band-aid, every trip isn’t complete until there is an injury or headache at some stage. Some times when we pack, we forget that travel isn’t going to make us immune. Have a medicine kit or a few extra pain pills in your bag just in case that Jakarta traffic jam headache makes an entrance on your next trip.


What are some items your mom always tells you to bring when you travel that you forget?

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