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6 Tips and Tricks for a Stress-Free Resort Stay!

Written by Shannon Durso

This blog post was updated on November 22, 2021.

When it comes to staying in a resort, despite the many amenities, you’re still bound to come across an obstacle that can stress you out. From packing to reservations and creating an itinerary to the hefty bills that rack up, it can become a lot to manage.

For smooth sailing and a stress-free getaway, we’ve gathered a list of things to be mindful of before you arrive at your destination. So sit back, relax, and keep reading to learn about how to avoid mayhem and stressful situations from occurring on your vacation!

When planning a trip remember these tips:

Choose the right vacation spot… for everyone!

family on beach

This may sound like a given but listen up! Before you rush to book a trip because you came across cheap airline tickets, take a minute to clearly think about it. For instance, if you’re traveling with children and the destination you’re going is somewhere that’s not very kid-friendly, like Las Vegas, for example, you may want to reconsider. Think about the things that cause you stress – kids crying, no itinerary planned, accommodations, etc. Regardless of where you go, kids, parents, and grandparents will all have different opinions and preferences on what they want to do. With that said, try to keep your travel group as small as possible …because too many cooks in the kitchen can light a fire, that’s how the saying goes, right?

Find a destination that has something for everyone you’re traveling with. While you’re searching for places to take a vacation, do research on the resort you’d like to stay at. Check out the amenities and entertainment before finalizing your bookings. You may want to schedule a babysitter at the hotel, watch live entertainment, or even drop the kids off at the daycare on-premise for the day. Whatever your travel preferences, make the right choice by staying at a resort that will make everyone happy.

Create a Small Itinerary

writing an itinerary

It’s always good to keep a small itinerary when traveling to a new place. Before taking off, make reservations for the place you really want to go and keep some days open to just go with the flow. You’re probably going to come across things that you’ll want to do that usually aren’t planned ahead like parasailing or banana boating that will take up a chunk of the day. And no one enjoys rushing away from the fun because you have to arrive on time for a dinner reservation that no one cares to attend. Making a jam-packed itinerary with no wiggle room will certainly cause you to stress if there are things you forgot to do and now have to reschedule and cancel plans. If you must, make arrangements for half of the trip and as the days pass make reservations, especially if you’re with a large group.

Make arrangements prior to arrival

Schedule a car to pick you up from the airport. Most online travel agencies, resorts, and airlines give travelers the option to arrange for a car to take you to and from the airport. Ride-sharing services are a good option as well, however, most airports require travelers to walk and wait at certain ride-sharing pick-up locations that may be a farther walk as opposed to booking a private driver to pick you up. If there are specific restaurants that are always busy but you’d like to eat there then make dinner reservations.

Upon arrival keep these things in mind:

The Service Charges

hotel bill service charges

Naturally, Americans tend to include a tip when given any service. But what many vacation-goers don’t realize is that most resorts and hotels include a service charge and resort fees on every purchase you make. There’s nothing worse than receiving your bill of the charges you made to your room reservation at the end of a stay to realize you’ve double-tipped the entire trip. So, to stay away from the madness, inquire with the hotel staff or take a good look at your receipts for service charges.

Water Bottles Can Add Up 

Think about the necessities that will cost you the most money when you’re not at an all-inclusive resort, like water! If you’re traveling somewhere hot where you’ll constantly be drinking water, you can easily go broke by paying $6 for a water bottle every time you’re thirsty. Put your wallet away and pack an insulated bottle to refill for free. Most resorts will have water stations for guests to quench their thirst, but who wants to get up every 10 minutes to get a plastic cup of water? Taking an insulated bottle will keep your beverage cold for hours at a time and you can carry it around with you.

Let Concierge Help You! 

family at hotel

Concierge is there to help guests have the best possible experience. From baggage assistance to restaurant reservations, upgrading your room, and anything else you may need help with, the concierge can assist. For those dinner reservations you couldn’t make because the resort is so busy, ask the staff what they can do for you to get a reservation. Any questions about what to do around town, the concierge will be able to give recommendations. Don’t stress out trying to solve a problem yourself if the hotel staff can assist you with alternative solutions.

How do you avoid stress on vacation? Tell us in the comments below!

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