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The 10 Most Walkable US Cities

This blog post was updated on October 25, 2018.

Walk Score, a website that assesses cities based on proximity to amenities, recently released a list of the Most Walkable Cites in the United States.


In compiling the list, the site weighed several criteria, including nearness to stores, restaurants, schools, and parks.


Researches graded cities block by block and results were weighted for population density.


Unsurprisingly, the Big Apple took home the top spot, finishing ahead of San Francisco, Boston, and Chicago. Finishing last among 50 major cities was Jacksonville, Florida. We’ve listed the top 10 below:


The top 10 Most Walkable Cities:

1.)    New York City, NY
2.)    San Francisco, CA
3.)    Boston, MA
4.)    Chicago, IL
5.)    Philadelphia, PA
6.)    Seattle, WA
7.)    Washington, D.C.
8.)    Miami, FL
9.)    Minneapolis, MN
10.)  Oakland, CA


Source: Market Watch

Flickr: Rev Stan

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