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Just How Tall is Mt. Everest? China, Nepal Squabble Over Height

For years China and Nepal have been involved in a dispute over the exact height of Mt. Everest.


Internationally recognized as the world’s tallest mountain, Everest straddles the border of the neighboring nations, each of which claims its own official measurement.


While Nepal stands by the 1954 measurement of 8,848 meters, China often lists the height of the mountain at 8,844 meters. Those four meters are creating quite the controversy.


Nepal hopes to put an end to the discussion by calculating a precise measurement of Everest’s height using sophisticated GPS technology, a process that could take up to two years to complete.


When we heard that Nepal was willing to spend two years to differentiate between four meters we had to ask ourselves, “Aren’t they making a mountain out of a molehill here?”  


Source: Fox News

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