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Four Reasons to Stay in a Trullo in Southern Italy

In the heel region of Italy, known as Puglia, you will see structures that just don’t seem normal for the country. When most think of Italy, images of Tuscan tiled roofs and golden villas probably come to mind. However, in Puglia, architecture isn’t Roman or even Etruscan. It goes much further pack to prehistoric times.

The limestone dwellings, called trulli, look more like structures custom built for gnomes. Composed of limestone boulders with pyramidal, domed or conical roofs, the history of their construction has gathered some debate. Some argue the trulli allowed for residents to dismantle them quickly to avoid heavy taxes. Others contest they were merely a cheap way to construct a home. No matter what you believe, staying in a trullo is an experience you won’t forget.

Your Chance to Stay in a UNESCO World Heritage Site
—While it seems like UNESCO is deeming everything a World Heritage Site these days, the trulli of the town of Alberobello are the real deal. Many companies have set up apartment rentals of trulli so that you can have the experience of staying in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Alberobello boasts the largest concentration of trulli in Puglia. Named for their mortarless construction and prehistoric origins, staying in a UNESCO World Heritage Site is certainly something to brag about when you get home.

Unplug From The Rest of The World Whether You Want To or Not—After staying in a trullo, I can attest to its thick limestone walls serving as the ideal structure for unplugging from the rest of the world, specifically through Internet and cell phone service. Even with my own Internet card, I was forced to sit in the streets to pick up a signal. For those who are so dialed in on vacations, a trullo might be just the thing you need. You will unplug from the rest of the world whether you want to or not. These walls aren’t permitting a signal.

Star Gaze Indoors—Most trulli have skylights rather than windows on the sides of the structure. At night, you can just lay back and watch the world go by. The lazy man’s way of star gazing, a trullo allows the traveler to feel a bit like camping under the stars with all of the comforts of a hotel.

Do as the Cave Men and Women Do—The trulli are thought to be the work of prehistoric settlements to the Puglia region. The present trulli very much resemble the dome-shaped buildings more advanced cave men and women developed. Staying in a trullo allows you to go back in time while emulating those who have long since past. The prehistoric building technique lends the guest the feel of a cave. The tall might have to duck while the short can appreciate a space fit for them. Block out the skylight and watch darkness fall in the middle of the afternoon.

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