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Take a Bite Out of the Best Cheeseburgers in America!

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Written by Chris Osburn

It’s getting close to National Cheeseburger Day! This Sunday, September 18th, it’s time to give our beefy friends the respect they deserve. So let’s celebrate by taking a bite into the best cheeseburgers in the U.S.A.

4505 Burgers & BBQ

This butcher-led restaurant in San Francisco’s trendy NoPa neighborhood is a gourmet carnivore’s dream come true. Go for the “Best Damn Grass Fed Cheeseburger” for an epic quarter pound grass fed beef patty with lettuce, onion, Gruyere, and secret sauce on a buttery grilled sesame and scallion bun (bacon and egg, optional).

4505 burger

Au Cheval

Be prepared to wait for a burger that many claim to be the best in Chicago (if not the entire U.S. or the whole world). But just what is that makes Au Cheval’s double cheeseburger so good? Is it the prime beef? The American cheese? Dijonaise sauce? House made pickles? The option of foie gras? Best get there early and have a taste for yourself to find out!

Brindle Room

New York’s Brindle Room offers gastropub delights in mostly small, shareable dishes. Not so when you order this East Village stalwart’s signature burger: Sebastain’s Steakhouse Burger. It’s a big two-fister designed for one.

Father’s Office

Father’s Office in Santa Monica is home to L.A.’s favorite cheeseburger. Chef Patron Sang Yoon is credited with kicking off the gourmet burger craze. Word to the wise: don’t dare ask for ketchup or any modifications to your order! But if you can go with the flow and enjoy a fine selection of craft beer, you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

Beer and Burgers

Hog & Hominy

“Italian cooking” and “Southern roots” combine in a most delicious way at Hog & Hominy in Memphis. But more famous than its menu of foodie fusion are the burgers being served in its Holding Pen bar in the back of the restaurant.

Holeman & Finch

Good luck finding a list of America’s top cheeseburgers that doesn’t include Atlanta’s Holeman & Finch! To give you a sense of the dedication to building a better burger, the restaurant’s bakery was part conceived as answer to making the perfect hamburger bun. But the guys behind this wildy popular restaurant could see no reason to mess with the ideal cheese for cheeseburgers already in existence. For the H&F cheeseburger Kraft singles are used .


Set in a restored Victorian mansion in historic downtown Charleston, Husk adds a touch of southern charm to its much acclaimed cheeseburger with a soft sesame bun and a patty of locally sourced Benton’s bacon ground into it.


Solly’s Grille

Ever had a butter burger? It’s a Milwaukee thing and one that originated at Solly’s Grille. Comprised of a sirloin patty with Wisconsin butter and stewed onions, it’s rich! Add melted cheese for dramatic and even yummier effect.

Pie ‘n Burger

Try one of the best cheeseburgers in the U.S. at this old-fashioned family-run Pasadena landmark. Be sure to save room for pie!

Ray’s Hell Burger

The custom-ground charred to order premium steak cut burgers at Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington, Virginia has fans all over the Washington area, including President Barrack Obama.

Santa Fe Bite

Three words, green chili cheeseburger, should be reason enough to get your tuckus in gear and your fingers tapping to book a visit to New Mexico.


By the way, it’s probably worth noting there are plenty of other great burgers our there in America. We were tempted to include the Oklahoma-style onion burger but reckoned they’re better sans cheese and even a seared ahi burger but again, no cheese!

Where you do you go for the best cheeseburger?

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