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Surviving a Romantic Weekend Getaway with Your Valentine

Most couples decide to leave the routine of home and go away for Valentine’s Day weekend.


While traveling with that special someone may seem like a great idea, one of romance and connection, couples walk a fine line traveling together.


Travel can often bring out the worst and best in people. Sides of your cuddle bug you never knew or perhaps wanted to know may spill out on the baggage claim.

No two people travel in the same way. Even if you are the most compatible couple in the world, you are not going to handle travel in exactly the same manner.


In order to survive that romantic weekend getaway with your sweetheart, here are a few tips to keep in mind when traveling with another person.


Keep Your Temper In Check: There are about a million things that can go wrong when you travel. A flight could be delayed six hours. The hotel doesn’t have a record of your reservation. The sky is falling. When the inevitable travel slip up occurs, it is important not to take it all out on your traveling partner. Just because you are with someone doesn’t give you an excuse to use them as your punching bag when the GPS gets you lost.


Figure Out The Money Situation Ahead of Time: Travel involves putting down cash on plane tickets, taxis, hotels and site visits. While married couples that share an income may not have to worry about who pays for what, couples traveling together should try to keep things casual when it comes to money. Nothing kills a moment more than arguing over how much one or the other has spent on the vacation. Have a set plan in terms of money so that no one ends up crying over pennies and dimes.


Minimize Complaining: Nothing is more of a romantic buzz kill when one person or both parties keep complaining. The hotel room is dirty. Your feet hurt from too much walking. Complaining should be kept to a minimum on a romantic weekend away. One party will end up feeling it is their fault you missed the sunset cruise, causing the romance to sail away.


Research Thoughtfully Beforehand: Perhaps it is just a feminine idea, but when the other party doesn’t have anything special planned or any travel ideas the other person might enjoy, it can kill the mood of the weekend. Think ahead of time of special things you two can do together, things your Valentine will enjoy.


Communicate: Travel presents a number of things to see and do, restaurants to try, people to meet. While you may be traveling with another person, it is important not to lose your personal travel goals. Make sure you communicate with your travel companion what you want to do and what you are interested in seeing. If you need some alone time or space, go do something you are interested in seeing. Just because you are traveling with another person doesn’t mean you are not still an individual traveler.


Don’t Involve Third Parties: Mother in laws, ex-girlfriend meet ups, a romantic weekend away is not the time to involve anyone else but the two of you. Even if you are headed to a destination where you know someone, sometimes it is best to keep it simple and not involve past relationships. That tends to be a recipe for disaster.


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