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How You and Your Valentine Can Survive a Romantic Weekend Getaway

Written by Going Places

This blog post was updated on February 2, 2023.

A lot of couples decide to leave the routine of home and go away for Valentine’s Day weekend. Sounds amazing, right? Although traveling with that special someone may seem like a great idea in order to boost your relationship, lovebirds can also walk a fine line when traveling together.

Travel can bring out the best and the worst in people, a universal fact that doesn’t care about V-Day at all. Even if you’re the most compatible lovebirds in the world, you can be sure both of you will not handle issues that might arise during your trip with the same elegance. That’s why we’re here to give you some advice on surviving Valentine’s Day abroad while keeping the flames of love burning!

Plan the trip together

Some of the most meaningful and memorable times we spend with our partners are during romantic weekend getaways. But to start things off on the right foot, plan the trip together. If both partners participate in the decision-making process, they’ll each be more invested in the trip. It also encourages more open communication between the two of you, which will make for a more relaxing and enjoyable getaway. Even if one person is a natural planner and the other is used to going along on the ride, it’s still important to keep the other person informed of the choices and the possibilities.

Have laidback, flexible schedules

When planning a romantic getaway, don’t stress about your schedule. Having a flexible itinerary will make the entire process easier. You’ll be able to decide where to go in the moment and enjoy the trip better. You don’t have to have every detail planned out. Just think of the major stops you want to make, like visiting a landmark or checking out a museum. Put them on your itinerary and be open to making new plans if something else comes up that sounds better. Also, if there are divergent things that each person wants to do, you can schedule some time for solo exploration. This is especially important for couple that have different travel styles: one has a checklist of things to see, one just wants to sit in a café and write in a journal. You’ll both enjoy the tripe more if you’re getting what you need from it.

Figure out the money situation ahead of time

Travel involves putting down dough on flights, taxis, hotels, and site visits. While married couples that share bank accounts may not have to worry about who pays for what, couples traveling together should try to keep things casual — but very clear — when it comes to money. Nothing spoils the mood more than arguing over how much one or the other has spent on the vacation. Have a plan set in place so that no one ends up crying over pennies and dimes. It’s just not worth it.

Start off with romance

Remember that this is supposed to be romantic. Granted, it can be difficult to make time for the little things that help keep a relationship strong when you have a busy schedule. Make an effort to surprise your significant other with a romantic gesture before you even arrive at your destination. It could be as little as a flower or as big as a piece or jewelry. It’s the gesture that matters, not the item itself. This way, you can start your trip off right.

Keep your temper in check

There are about a million things that can go wrong when you’re traveling. A flight could be delayed six hours. You miss your connecting flight. The hotel doesn’t have a record of your reservation. When the inevitable slip-up occurs, it’s important not to lash out at your partner. Just because you’re in a relationship, that doesn’t give you an excuse to treat them poorly when the GPS gets you lost.

Minimize complaining

Nothing spells “romantic buzz kill” like somebody complaining all the time. The hotel room is dirty. Your feet hurt from too much walking. Your cell phone isn’t getting any reception. You know how it goes. Keep complaining to a minimum on a romantic weekend away. That’s “Love 101.”

Keep communication lines open

Travel presents a good number of possible things to see and do, restaurants to try, and people to meet. When traveling with your loved one, it’s important not to lose sight of your personal travel goals. Make sure you communicate with your travel companion about what you want to do and what you’re interested in seeing. If you need some alone time or space, go do something you’re interested in. Just because you’re traveling with another person doesn’t mean you can’t try things only you would enjoy.

Go somewhere remote

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life because work, kids, pets, and so much more can fill your schedule to the brim. That’s why going somewhere remote for a romantic weekend getaway is a great idea. Not only does it ensure that you’ll have little to no distractions, but it also gives you the chance to focus on each other and enjoy intimacy in a new way. A good first step is to find somewhere out of your routine. If you’re used to going to the same place every weekend, change things up by taking a trip somewhere new. And along those lines…

Disconnect from your tech

The best romantic weekend getaways are the ones where you can truly unplug and decompress. That’s why it’s important to disconnect from your tech. Technology is an amazing thing, but as much as we love it, we also know that, at times, it can be a huge distraction. What’s the sense of going someplace special with someone special if you’re going to spend all your time checking email or watching videos? You’ve paid all this money and come all this way. You owe it to yourself and your partner to stay in the moment and truly enjoy your time away.

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Give each other ‘me’ time

No matter how great your relationship is, taking time for yourself can help keep things fresh and exciting for both of you. However, it’s important to remember that relationships are about two people and not just about what you want to do. While booking Valentine’s Day flights, be sure that your well-deserved weekend getaway includes at least one activity that each of you can do on your own. Giving each other some quality ‘me’ time can also help prevent serious issues in your relationship from blowing out of proportion.

How are you planning on surviving Valentine’s Day abroad? Tell us in the comments section!

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