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How Much Do You Know About These Significant Civil Rights Sites and Destinations?

Significant civil rights sites and destinations with mlk memorial (1)
Written by Gabby Teaman

Around the U.S., there are many significant Civil Rights sites and destinations that are important for all visitors to see. These memorials, monuments, and museums remind us of the heroes who inspired a revolution of peace and justice for all, from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Rosa Parks. All of these important sites have had a major impact on the world stage and continue to bolster the prinicples of the Civil Rights Movement to this day. Since there’s so much to see and learn, we’ve prepared a quiz for you so you can find out more about the Civil Rights Movement. Whether you have cheap flights in February in honor of Black History Month or are just stopping by during a trip, brush up on your history and learn more about the movement that forever changed the world.

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