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Six of the Best Whiskey and Bourbon Bars in the US

This blog post was updated on April 30, 2020.

Whether you’re a purist who loves your whiskey and bourbon straight up or a non-conformist who loves innovative whiskey-based craft cocktails, you’re bound to find something that pleases your palate at these 6 awesome whiskey and bourbon bars.


Seattle, WA

Sneak-peek of our spring menu. : @joannarrudaphotography

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If you’re looking to enhance your knowledge of American whiskey, Canon is the place. Not only does this Capitol Hill bar offer the largest selection of American-made whiskey in the world, the spirits menu is close to 100 pages! From rare whiskeys to tempting cocktails by expert mixologists, there’s something to please every lover of brown liquor.

Ward III

New York City

With a comprehensive rare, American, rye, and Irish whiskey list, Ward III is sure to please any aficionado. This swanky NYC watering hole also offers “Whiskey Monday” —  a weekly event where distillers from across the country pour free tastes and explain their brands. Come on, does it get any better than that?


Louisville, KY

Cinnamon Whiskey Bourbon in a Shot Glass Ready to Drink

Do you like punk rock? Do you like bourbon? Then look no further. Haymarket, the only punk rock bourbon bar in Louisville, Kentucky, knows how to serve up a good time (and you know they know their bourbon in Louisville!). With hundreds of whiskeys and bourbons to choose from, you won’t leave wanting. They also host live music acts most nights and have vintage pinball machines waiting for you (in case you need to take a break between shots).

The Blackheart

Austin, TX

Not only does Blackheart boast one of the best patios in Austin, they also have a fantastic whiskey and bourbon list, including some rare selections you can’t find most places in Texas. And if it’s not patio weather, no worries — The Blackheart is located in a historic house that’s perfect for moody, rainy evenings.

Jack Rose Dining Saloon

Washington, D.C.

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Imagine a library of whiskey filled with over 2,500 amazing bottles. That’s Jack Rose in a nutshell. With selections from Japan, Ireland, Scotland, and the US, Jack Rose will feel like home to even the most selective whiskey drinker. Opt for a straight pour or try one of their amazing seasonal cocktails.

Barrel Proof

New Orleans, LA

Barrel Proof is a great place to try a lot of different types of whiskey without getting too tipsy, thanks to the fact that all whiskeys can be ordered as a single once taste (or a full shot, if you want one). There are also a variety of whiskey-based craft cocktails to choose from. Try something different like the Topo Chino (bourbon, cold brew, vanilla, walnut, soda) or the Paper Zepplin (rye, lemon, amaro, grapefruit liqueur).

Are you a whiskey lover? Where are your favorite places to discover new bottles and cocktails? Tell us in the comments section!

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