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Shopping in Italy: 8 Phrases You Need To Know

This blog post was updated on October 23, 2018.

Italy might be known for its preserved art, architecture and history but it is also a land of great shopping. From overflowing leather markets to intricate ceramics, when you visit Italy, you will want to have extra room in your suitcase for souvenirs. Shopping is a fine art in the boot-shaped country. Before you jet off and try to fumble your way into buying what you want, be sure to master these eight Italian phrases for shopping.

Quanto costa?: You can’t get far shopping in Italy without knowing this phrase. Meaning, “How much does it cost?” you can utter this question for virtually anything you don’t know the price. Prices should be displayed but just in case they aren’t, it pays to ask.

Costa troppo!:
If you don’t like the response to the above question and you are in a haggling situation, you can exclaim, “Costa troppo!” meaning, “It’s too expensive.”

Posso provarlo?: If you are shopping for clothing in Italy, you can always ask, “Vorrei provarlo?” when you want to try something on in the store.

É possible avere uno sconto?: If you decide you like what you see but you don’t like the price, with small shops and markets in Italy, you can ask for a discount. To ask for a discount, say, “É possible avere uno sconto?”

Lo compro: When you agree on a price in Italy, you can inform the storeowner that you want to buy it by saying, “Lo compro.”

Quanto le devo?: Once you have found what you want to purchase in Italy, you can ask, “Quanto le devo?” when you want to know how much you owe.

Accettate carta di credito?:
While you might be coming from a land where you can pay for everything by credit card, in Italy, there are shops and vendors who simply won’t take it. If you aren’t sure if the shop accepts your card, ask, “Accettate carta di credito?”

Posso avere una busta?:
When you go shopping at a shop in Italy, particularly grocery stores, they might not offer you a bag unless you ask for one. When you want to ask for a bag, say, “Posso avere una busta?”

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